What is the importance of YouTube watch hours?

What is the importance of YouTube watch hours?
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17 November 2022

When it comes to marketing your brand, YouTube is one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience. Videos allow you to tell your stories in an engaging way that’s engaging enough for viewers to watch in full. Besides, they’re a cost-effective way of doing so. A study conducted by Google revealed that companies with well-produced YouTube marketing strategies saw 2x the ROI of their digital marketing budgets than those who didn’t use video at all.

In other words, if you want your videos to get found easily, then produce them in high-quality and with engaging storylines so viewers can’t help but click through from video to video and watch what you have to offer instead of clicking away. The importance of YouTube watch hours is vital if you want your brand to succeed online. As much as people might be enthralled by certain videos on YouTube, not everyone will spend time watching them and this is why it’s important that you know how many hours people are watching videos on your channel and whether or not they are leaving after the first few minutes or staying until the end.

What follows is a brief explanation of what watch hours are, why they are so important when it comes to tracking your brand’s success and some methods for calculating them accurately so you can plan accordingly with regards to future content creation and advertising campaigns.

What are YouTube watch hours?

YouTube, like any other video sharing platform, keeps track of the amount of time you spend watching videos on their site. They then use this data to calculate your watch hours for you and provide you with some interesting insights into your audience’s behaviour. In order to get your own watch hours, you must first get a YouTube account. Once you are logged in, you can go to your Channel page and click on ‘Views.’ This will take you to the dashboard where you can see your views and watch hours. It is also important to get free YouTube watch hours. This will help you increase your engagements.

Why is tracking watch hours so important?

Every digital marketing strategy is based on the facts and statistics you gather from your videos’ views. It goes without saying that your goals and achievements will vary greatly depending on what you’re aiming for. If you want to increase subscriptions and subscriptions to your channel, then your success will depend on how many people watch videos from your channel. You can use views to determine the number of people who are watching your videos, but you can also use them to find out how many people are watching your videos for a certain amount of time. Understanding how many people are watching your videos for a certain amount of time will give you a much better idea of what content to produce in the future and what type of videos your audience wants to see.

The 3 methods for calculating your brand’s YouTube Watch Hours

There are many ways to track your brand’s watch hours, but the most accurate and efficient way to do so is by using a reliable YouTube analytics tool. 

  • The old-fashioned way is to manually track all your channel’s views and convert them into watch hours. Given the sheer amount of data you need to keep track of and the possible errors you could make while doing so, this may not be the most accurate method. It’s also time- consuming, prone to errors and may not highlight the most important data points. 
  • The second method is to use an outside service that’s designed to track views and convert them into watch hours. If you want to track your brand’s total watch hours, then you can choose from a range of services that are guaranteed to accurately calculate them for you.
  • The third and most accurate way to track your brand’s watch hours is to use Google Analytics for YouTube. This is the best way to track your brand’s watch hours because it’s easy to use, comes with a free trial and is guaranteed to accurately count your views and convert them into watch hours.

How to calculate your brand’s YouTube Watch Time Percentages

As mentioned, the most accurate way to track your brand’s watch hours is by using Google Analytics for YouTube. Setting this up will help you get a good picture of your YouTube’s watch time percentage and will also help you track your other social media platforms. Once you have this set up and running, the first thing you need to do is go to your YouTube Analytics overview page. Here, you will see a section telling you your channel’s total watch time percentage. To get your own brand’s watch time percentage, all you need to do is divide this number by the total number of views on your channel.

Take note of the sum of your brand’s total watch hours and the percentage of those hours spent watching videos

After you’ve tracked your brand’s watch hours, you should also keep track of the total amount of hours your videos were watched and the percentage of those hours your videos were the only ones being watched. As video viewers are more engaged with content that’s unique to your brand and has an engaging storyline, you want to make sure that your videos have a greater percentage of the total overall view time of your channel. This will allow you to dominate your competitors and create the best content possible, which will result in your videos getting more views, more comments, more likes and ultimately more business. If you want to know how many people are watching your videos and how much of each video’s view time is attributed to your brand, then you can use the YouTube analytics tool again and check how much of your video’s view time is attributed to your brand.


The watch time of your videos is an important metric when it comes to marketing your brand on the popular video sharing platform YouTube. Whatever method you choose, the most important thing is to track your watch time with accuracy and precision so you can provide your audience with the best possible videos. Now that you know what YouTube watch hours are, why they are important and how to calculate them, you can start using them to their full potential to allow your channel to succeed.

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