What is the Purpose of a Feature Story?

What is the Purpose of a Feature Story?
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05 December 2023

In the vast landscape of journalism, feature stories stand out as a unique and engaging genre. Unlike straight news reports that provide the who, what, when, and where, feature stories delve deeper into the why and how, capturing the nuances and emotions of a subject. But what exactly is the purpose of a feature story?

Connecting on a Human Level

At its core, a feature story aims to connect with readers on a human level. It goes beyond the facts, allowing individuals to relate to the content emotionally. Whether it’s a profile on a person, an exploration of a community, or an in-depth look at a social issue, feature stories bring out the human element, making the reader feel a personal connection to the narrative.

Providing Context and Understanding

Feature stories add context to events or issues. They provide a richer understanding of the world by exploring the background, motivations, and implications of a story. By offering depth and perspective, feature stories help readers see beyond the surface, fostering a more comprehensive comprehension of the subject matter.

Showcasing Diversity

One significant purpose of feature stories is to showcase the diversity of the human experience. Through profiles of different individuals, communities, or cultures, these stories celebrate the uniqueness of people and their stories. This not only broadens the reader’s worldview but also promotes empathy and appreciation for the richness of our shared humanity.

Engaging and Entertaining

Feature stories entertain as much as they inform. By incorporating narrative techniques, vivid descriptions, and compelling storytelling, these pieces captivate the reader’s attention. This engaging approach encourages readers to stay connected to the story, fostering a more enjoyable and memorable reading experience.

Sparking Conversation and Reflection

Feature stories often tackle complex or thought-provoking subjects, encouraging readers to reflect on their own beliefs and perspectives. They serve as catalysts for conversations, promoting a deeper examination of societal issues, personal struggles, or triumphs. This introspection can lead to a more informed and engaged community.

Inspiring Change

Beyond mere reflection, feature stories have the power to inspire change. By shedding light on compelling stories of resilience, innovation, or challenges, these narratives motivate individuals and communities to take action. Whether it’s raising awareness about social issues or celebrating positive initiatives, feature stories can be a force for positive change.


The purpose of a feature story extends far beyond the surface of storytelling. It aims to connect, inform, entertain, and inspire, enriching our understanding of the world and fostering a sense of shared humanity. As readers, we embark on a journey with the characters and subjects of feature stories, and in doing so, we find a deeper appreciation for the diversity and complexity of the world we inhabit.

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