What Makes Flash Relay So Different from Other Relay Bookers

What Makes Flash Relay So Different from Other Relay Bookers
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24 December 2022

Amazon reported a nearly 200 percent rise in sales during the COVID-19 epidemic, with more than USD 6 billion in earnings. 

It needs more transport capacity to continue down this path, provided by a particular Amazon Relay project.

As a carrier, you can use this program's help to expand your transportation operations. With the help of Amazon Relay, you may grow your delivery or trucking company by accepting and transporting Amazon loads. 

If you are also planning to join Amazon relay, Flash Relay is one helpful tool that will transform your Amazon relay load board booking experience. It is a refresher plugin that comes with multiple other features. 

Read on if you want to know more about Amazon relay service and how Flash relay helps increase your company's profitability through this program.

What is Amazon Relay Service?

Amazon didn't start as a logistics company. But recent statistics show that it currently enjoys a share of over 21% in the US logistics market. This expansion of Amazon is dominating other leaders in the field, like FedEx. FedEx holds a market share of 16% in US logistics.

There needs to be a reliable mechanism to handle the load fulfillments that Amazon is carrying. Amazon relay is the new transportation program started by Amazon, allowing you to join the Amazon load board. 

With its help, trucking companies can pick up and deliver Amazon goods. In addition to having rapid and dependable payment methods, businesses can access hundreds of loads whenever they want. Truck contractors can reserve weeks’ worth of trucking schedules in advance.

By expanding their routes and reducing the number of idle trips as much as possible, transportation companies can grow their business with the help of this program. 

How Does Amazon Relay Service Works?

Using various planning techniques, Amazon distributes much of its loads via tender management to its primary partners. However, Amazon only formally assigns a constrained number of distinct routes because of varying consumer demand or unforeseen events incompatible with the specified static loads.

Each load is posted on the Amazon Relay interface, where registered collaborators can access it.

If you're a carrier, you have three options for getting access to a large selection of Amazon work and bookings:

  • Short-term contracts: You can assure a week's worth of uninterrupted work and advanced payments by signing short-term contracts. You can generate guaranteed revenue with this.
  • Post a truck: Amazon relay helps you in multiple ways. One of them is this. You can post your available timings, and you will get matching loads according to that. This will save you a lot of time, thus increasing profits.
  • Load board: You can find work instantly with the relay load board. Instead of Amazon allocating loads or organizing each route, all the loads are posted here. It is a free platform, and you can book work instantly.

Features and Benefits of The Amazon Relay Service

The Amazon Relay program is an excellent strategy to increase the profits of your trucking business and the transportation industry. It also results in excellent credibility in the field. 

From the perspective of a service firm, the Relay program is a terrific way to reach more clients and uncover new prospects who become devoted and long-term customers.

The other features and benefits are:

Human adaption: The relay auto-refresher can update the relay load board similarly to how a person would. The refresh time delay is extended when a random amount activates the option.

Quick access to loads: There is always a need for work to be done since there is plenty of it on Amazon. With their load boards, it is simple to find and reserve loads. Clear listings, all-inclusive prices, and quick booking are all available.

Easy payments: Your work invoices are easily generated if you work with amazon. To ensure transparency and eliminate the need to search through previous invoices manually, you also have real-time access to the history of your invoices.

App for drivers: The Amazon Relay app can be used by drivers to work more productively. Drivers can use the app to check in, make plans, and share real-time changes.

Flash Relay: What is it, and What Makes it Different?

Flash Relay is an intelligent What Makes Flash Relay So Different from Other Relay Bookers plugin that identifies the best possibilities for the required load or automatically schedules the optimal load before you see it on the screen.

This helps you save a lot of time. Due to its speed and built-in AI stealth technology, which analyses the reload speed and modifies itself to randomly slow down and speed up the refresh rate to resemble a human dispatcher, you can automatically reload relay boards in a matter of seconds.

Not only this, but it also filters out load opportunities according to your minimum payout. You can set a minimum rate and book the most wanted loads. Flash relay helps you save time by letting you see the loads above your desired minimum payout. It makes you enjoy your work by making every trip worthwhile.

Its emergency shutdown' feature is something so unique. If there are fishy detection attempts on your portal, it automatically shuts down if you have the feature on.

It includes other exclusive features such as setting a maximum number of stops, excluding locations, and many more. These features collectively make Flash relay different from every other relay booker in the market.

To Sum Up

Even in difficult times, managing your business is more straightforward, thanks to new technological solutions. Every fleet service business can use Amazon Relay technology to market its services to a more extensive customer base.

You can book the loads automatically with Flash relay to automate your workflow on the Amazon Relay Dashboard. It saves you a ton of time by automatically refreshing the load board and also assists you in getting the most incredible deals.

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