When and How to Do a Book Cover Reveal on Social Media

When and How to Do a Book Cover Reveal on Social Media
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17 November 2022

Book cover reveals are a great way to build excitement for your book before it's published. Plus, they're a great opportunity to share your book's synopsis and start generating pre-orders.


What's the point of a book cover reveal?

The purpose of a cover reveal is to give potential readers a sneak peek into what your book will look like before it's published. They're also an opportunity to share your book's synopsis and start generating pre-orders!

Why is it a good idea?

Early book cover reveal is a terrific technique to pique your readers' attention or follow before the book is published. It may get people talking about the book ahead of time and allows you to start promoting it before the book is launched.

Use a cover reveal to jump-start your promotion and get the book in front of new readers. This can provide readers with an initial view of the book while also indicating that pre-orders are available.

A cover reveal is a great method to communicate with your fans and generate anticipation for the book's release in a planned manner. And it may be quite simple!

When is the best time to start?

The best time to start a book cover reveal is when you have a final manuscript draft. The cover reveal will be a great way to build anticipation for your release and keep your audience engaged.

Plan the reveal as early as feasible before publishing, depending on your marketing approach. However, before releasing the final design, you must confirm that it has been authorized and will not alter. If you release an initial proof and then make changes, the printed book may be confusing to readers. Build up the revelation in a systematic manner.

Consider when your reveal will have the most impact: is there a specific day, such as a personal event or a national holiday that corresponds in some way with your book?

For example, if you've written a historical novel set during the American Revolution, an important anniversary of the battle may be an opportune day to discuss intriguing historical details and reveal your book cover.

Alternatively, join the conversation during National Share-a-Story Month in May. (UK).

Where and how should I do it?

  1. On social media

Choose whether you want to concentrate your efforts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or another platform. It is better if there is only one venue for the revelation. You could select the platform with the most followers or the one with the most growth potential.

One method to plan your reveal is to stretch it out across a few social media postings, perhaps four over the course of a few weeks. Post one, a teaser post in which you claim you've seen the cover and are anxious to share it. In the second post, discuss your initial ideas for the cover or the effect you wanted the design to have on its audience. Then, in post three, hint at the specifics, such as color schemes and photographs, and maybe give the blurb. All of this leads up to post four, the surprise.

  1. On your newsletter, mailing list or website

Displaying the cover on your website or sending it to your mailing list will draw attention to it in the inboxes of site visitors or subscribers. Short social media updates are great, but you may deepen or comment on the design process in one email or blog article.

  1. Partner with a publication or influencer

Assume you are or have previously cultivated. In that scenario, reach out to relevant bloggers, reviews, or social media influencers and ask if they would publish your cover on their platform. This may benefit both parties by supplying them with material, growing their reach, and helping to get your cover in front of your target audience (for instance, a blog that reviews books of the same genre as yours). It's a good idea to practice giving someone a 24-hour exclusive on sharing artwork when collaborating on a reveal.

Things to remember:

  • Make sure you have a high-resolution cover picture of the authorized final cover to share. Your publishing assistance can provide a web-ready file.
  • Include links to the pre-order, your website, or information about the designer or artist, if available.
  • Discuss the timing of your reveal with your publishing assistant to ensure that all pre-orders or links, if applicable, are ready to go and that Savvy Book Marketing can assist you in promoting your book by liking and sharing posts across our accounts.
  • Don't forget to answer any comments with passion and to communicate with your present or potential new admirers!

Cover reveals generate much-needed interest in the world of self-publishing and instigate visitors to purchase on impulse. Whether done by posting the illustration on social media or using a blog, merchandise packaging, or an interactive website, the first comment from readers should be a sale!

Regardless of how big your following is, produce engaging content to convince potential customers that their money spent will be worth it. Most importantly, remember that opening your arms and embracing the idea of covering reveals is not a slippery slope that leads to producing pornographic or offensive content. This just means showing some skin! 

As long as you are following ethical guidelines, cover reveals are a fantastic way to generate interest in your new release. They can also be used to tease your readers with glimpses of what’s to come and build anticipation for the release of your book.

Self-publish a book is a booming industry these days, and covers are a way to draw attention to your work. Cover Reveals can be posted on social media, blogs, or merch packaging, with an interactive website coming soon. Cover Reveals can also be used on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and even YouTube!

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