Why I gave up my iPhone 13 for the Google Pixel 7 Pro

Why I gave up my iPhone 13 for the Google Pixel 7 Pro

The Google Pixel 7 Pro is the incredible successor to 2021's Pixel 6 Pro. A sleek, sleek design and improved camera are its main selling points, though the many smaller tweaks bring the phone closer to perfection.

Why the Pixel 7 Pro is the most attractive

For someone like me who loves the versatility of Android but also wants to "just work - the phone", the Pixel series has always appealed to me. Yet he remained evasive, even when going back and forth between iPhone and Android. However, with the Pixel 7 Pro, Google made an offer it couldn't refuse.

Leading the spec sheet and benchmark racing? There aren't many other Android phones for that. Instead, you need a near-perfect phone, like the Pixel 6 Pro, and it fixes pretty much every minor gripe we had with Google's 2021 flagship. With the Google Pixel 7 Pro, you get a more polished design, an improved camera, and a fingerprint sensor finger sign. So far, the Pixel 7 Pro has also gotten off to a smoother start than its predecessor, and we're very optimistic that Google has ironed out all the bugs from its 2022 phones.

The Pixel 7 Pro came out at a time when I wasn't thinking of moving away from my iPhone 13 Mini, but it made a good impression. The design finally looks complete, especially with this beautiful Hazel shade. Improved performance and thermals, and most importantly, wider availability and reasonable pricing.

Why I gave up my iPhone 13 for the Google Pixel 7 Pro

Why I gave up my iPhone 13 for the Google Pixel 7 Pro

To be honest, availability played a big part in my decision to consciously disconnect from my iPhone 13. This is the first time Google has released such a wide-ranging Pixel phone in a long time. For my home market in India, the last Pixel flagships we launched officially were the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 Pro. And after 4 long years, Google is finally back in the market, first with the debut of the Google Pixel 6a in India. in the summer of 2022, then with the Google Pixel 7 series a few months later.

Phone prices in the US are already attractive and Google hasn't raised prices too much for India. Plus, there's a pre-order deal that brings the phone's price to just under $899 for India, which isn't very common, and around $124 less than the iPhone 14 price in India for the cheapest model. from Apple. That's an incredible deal considering the Pixel you're getting at this price is the flagship Pro model.
Seems like value for money and so far in my use it has proven to be just that. The Pixel 7 Pro is a great phone for the price. The hardware is top notch, the software is the cleanest and smartest I've seen in years of using Android, and the camera doesn't make me miss my iPhone, which is saying a lot.

Having fewer HomeKit-enabled smart home devices also means a better home experience for me on this phone. The AI ​​bits are also quite useful, and overall I had a better experience with them than with the Apple equivalent. In most cases this phone works.

Why I gave up my iPhone 13 for the Google Pixel 7 Pro

There are some drawbacks, but the Google Pixel 7 Pro is worth replacing

Google Pixel 7 Pro and Android aren't perfect, so I missed a few things after saying goodbye to my iPhone 13 mini. The biggest problem I have with the platform is Android Auto: Compared to CarPlay, Android Auto offers a mediocre and inconsistent experience. While Android Auto's latest split-screen update looks promising, I had no hopes until I got a chance to try it out.

My other problems with the Google Pixel 7 and Android are much easier to ignore. Charging is slow compared to most flagship Android phones, but on par with iPhones. Video performance could be better, but it's ok for me. Overall, the Pixel is fantastic, and for the first time in a while, I don't miss the iPhone as much.

The Google Pixel 7 series offers the best of Android at an affordable price, and I just hope Google can keep up the momentum. There seems to be a solid formula at work here, and it's a phone that seems to have a different identity to the mainstream options. Overall, if Google continues like this, it only bodes well for Android phones.


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