Google Pixel 7 Pro - Google Shocks Everyone

Google Pixel 7 Pro - Google Shocks Everyone

When it comes to keeping secrets at bay,  Google is by far the worst. When companies   like Samsung and Apple worry about someone leaking  a photo of their upcoming phone in potato quality,   Google on the other hand worries about  someone uploading a full dedicated review   video of their unreleased phone. That's  how bad they are at keeping secrets.  

But Google has a great idea to counter the  leaks. Instead of letting the leakers leak   their products, they are doing it themselves.  Though technically it's not a leak if the   company itself gives out information about  their unreleased product, but that's what's   happening here with the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. 

6 months before the actual product unveiling,   Google in a surprising move has decided to reveal  the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro at the Google I/O   event that happened just yesterday.Google Pixel 7 Pro - Google Shocks Everyone You heard that right, Pixel 7 and 7 Pro   are official. Although I wouldn't call this  an official launch, it's more like a teaser   but Google did reveal the design, the colors,  and some details about the Pixel 7 lineup.  

First up, this is how the handsets are going to  look. Google Pixel 7 Pro - Google Shocks EveryoneGoogle is retaining the camera bar that   debuted with the Pixel 6 but this time they have  managed to make it significantly better which   now is made from polished aluminum that  runs right into the frame on both sides,   for a more integrated look. The camera  lenses are a lot bigger and interestingly   they look like the I shape cutout  from the upcoming iPhone 14 Pro.  

Google has also showcased the color options. The Pixel 7 comes in Obsidian,   Snow, and Lemongrass while the 7  Pro is in Obsidian, Snow, and Hazel.   The rear is actually made from matte soft-touch  glass instead of the glossy finish on the Pixel 6. 


  And accented by the polished aluminum bar  that runs across the top of the device,   the Pixel 7 especially in that Snow color  looks clean and absolutely premium.   Other information revealed by Google for the  Pixel 7 includes a Tensor 2 chip and Android   13 right out of the box.

Google didn't show the  front, nor did they give any other information   but said they will fully reveal the handset  later this year probably in October.  

Google has also revealed the Pixel 6a at the  event for $449 that comes with the flagship   Tensor chipset but with a plastic back and a 60Hz  display. They have also showcased the Pixel watch,   their first smartwatch that will run Wear OS,  Pixel Buds pro have been revealed as well with   active noise cancellation along with the  Pixel tablet that's scheduled to launch   next year.

Basically, Google is creating a Pixel  ecosystem similar to Apple and Samsung.   There were other software-related announcements  too notably, Google Maps is getting an immersive   search feature that gives users the chance to  explore a 3D-rendered version of big cities   from within the Google Maps app which is  awesome. You no longer need to say "Hey   Google" to wake the Google Assistant up.

There's this new scene exploration tool coming   to Google Search as well, where you can point  your phone's camera at an object and then ask   a question to help filter your results. For  example, in a store, it can recognize each   individual chocolate bar and show its online  review ratings. You can further filter options   based on the highest ratings or type of chocolate,  and even look for a “nut-free” option. 

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