Why is My Canine Eating Poo? Can I Stop it?

Why is My Canine Eating Poo? Can I Stop it?
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09 August 2023

If you are concerned about why your dog is eating poo, you first need to consider why it is happening in the first place, how often it is happening, and who are the animals eliminating the poo. When you pay attention to these elements, it will have an impact on what should you do for your pet.

We know and understand that it is quite frustrating for you as a human companion to see your pet eating poo, but remember that eating poo comes to them with instinct and they have learned this in their early infancy from their mothers. As with all animals, mothers try to keep their home environment clean and safe for their litter. When a litter is born, a natural way for the mother to protect and maintain a clean den whilst the litter is too young to go outside its habitat is to eat the stools of their puppies and that is how puppies pick up this behavior easily.

Dogs carry an ancestral digestive system, which basically means the digestive system of your pet is designed by mother nature that can deal with high level of microbial activity in the live food. It may horrible for us to comprehend, but your dog can happily digest the poo without any ill effect.

However, here are some questions to consider:

• What is the age of your dog? Is it a puppy or an adult dog?

• Is the poo eating a regular occurrence or happening occasionally?

• Is your canine eating its own poo?

• What are the species of the animals whose poo your dog is eating?

Try to understand these basic questions, and it will enable you to decide if there is a need for any intervention here. Answering these questions will help you decide whether you let the situation go naturally or intervene and try to improve it. If your dog is too much into poo eating, avoid kisses as they may be harmful for you.

Now let us tell you why your pet might be eating poo.

Eating poo is a common habit in dogs, more than what you realize. If you see your dog enjoying poo, try to check the frequency, but remember that they have imbibed this in their early infancy and it may also be a part of their exploration of the new world. You can guide your pet though by simple commands such as “leave,” “drop it,” and so on to ensure that it doesn’t become a habit.

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