Why Might You Still Need Life Insurance in Your 50s?

Why Might You Still Need Life Insurance in Your 50s?
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23 December 2022

When you’re young, you’ve got a mortgage to pay, kids to send to school, and car payments to worry about, paying for life insurance makes sense. But once you retire, it’s different. Many insurance products stop providing coverage when you reach 50 or 60 years of age. But it’s not like life stops when you’re fifty or sixty, though. Many think they no longer have much that they need life insurance for. But the reality is often different. Here are five reasons you’ll want to start looking for a policy that provides coverage once you’re over 50. 

Deal with Economic Changes

Job security isn’t a given for many. Losing a job when you’re older doesn’t just mean a loss of income. Most employers provide insurance, so you may also lose your life insurance coverage. If you’re over 50, getting hired for a new job and re-establishing your benefits will take longer. By getting life insurance over 50 policy, you can protect yourself in case something like this happens. Don’t only rely on your employer’s insurance coverage. Choose an insurance product that suits your specific needs. 

More Wealth and Assets

If you have assets and want to leave many of your properties behind for your loved ones, you’ll need to deal with one thing: taxes. The taxes on your assets or properties can be considerable. If you have a life insurance policy, you can use your life insurance to cover estate-related expenses. Your family won’t have to worry about paying legal, probate, and funeral costs. They won’t have to take the tax hit. Ask an insurance agent how you can set that up. 

Cover Business Risks

Life insurance can help protect the value of your business. Use the proceeds from your life insurance to purchase a business or buy out an enterprise you co-own. That’s one way to provide your family income and ensure their financial needs are met, even when you’re no longer around. If you own a small business and have key people in leadership positions, insure them. If they are critical to the success of your company, that insurance will help. In addition, if you need working capital for a business opportunity, you can use proceeds from your life insurance. 

Be More Tax-Efficient 

When you have life insurance, you can use that to grow your wealth while being smart about tax payments. Are you familiar with universal life insurance, including its benefits? It offers tax benefits that may appeal to you. A universal life policy is flexible. You can adjust your premiums within a certain range or limit and consider how the funds are invested. Talk to an agent to learn more about your options. 

Pay Off Debts, Loans, and Mortgage 

If you still have unpaid debts, life insurance coverage after you’re fifty is a must. That also applies if you still have a mortgage on your home. The payout from a life insurance policy can help you, and your loved ones hold on to the property and all the memories of your home. 

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