Why Should you Choose a Skoda!!

Why Should you Choose a Skoda!!
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28 November 2022

Anyone who owns a car should feel proud, and when that car is a Skoda, that joy is well-earned. Let us find out why Skoda automobiles are currently the hottest thing if you're debating whether or not to get one for you and your family. There are several features and variables that individuals consider before picking a car when it comes to purchasing one. Some of these include the cost of the vehicle, the engine's output, the steering system, etc. Up until a few years ago, safety had always been considered a secondary concern. Numerous new vehicle features have been launched by Skoda in response to growing worries about traffic safety in an effort to reassure customers that their road trip would be safe. Now that Skoda has driver assistance systems, you may take it easy the whole way there. For any questions about Skoda vehicles and its features, get in touch with the PPS Authorized Skoda Dealers in Hyderabad.

Why is Skoda so Popular?

Top international brands like Skoda automobiles have long commanded market share and consumer consciousness in a number of locations. Quality, comfort, premium equipment, and safety above all else are the hallmarks of Skoda luxury vehicles. Skoda has experienced tremendous popularity and success in the Indian market as a result of a number of different elements.

Why are Skoda so Reliable?

Skoda has always been a reliable brand due to unbeatable German Engineering. Germans have been leaders in the automobile industry for many years. Skoda automobiles are precision-crafted from the best materials and carry the tradition of German technology. Customers have more options depending on fuel type, efficiency, and overall cost for the same car model with Skoda engines because they are available in petrol and diesel variants for several car models.

Depending on the type of the car, the engines are either 1.0 Turbo Stratified Injection engines or 1.5 TSI engines. You may choose between a 6-speed manual, automatic, or 7-speed DSG transmission depending on the vehicle, giving you even more alternatives.

Technology That Makes Skoda Simply Clever:

Skoda automobiles, which have the tagline "Simply Clever," are more innovative than those of their rivals since they are built with the newest technology. Skoda offers clients value for their money as a luxury vehicle by utilizing some of the top technologies to make your trip safer and more pleasurable.

A few such features include the following:

Airbags for driver and passengers

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

Electronic Stability Control System

Hill Hold Control System

Multi-Collision Brake System

Infotainment System with Skoda Play Apps

Automatic Climate Control System

Electric Sunroof with Anti-pinch Technology

Comfort Of Riding a Skoda

Skoda automobiles are the vehicles that provide the most comfort for both the driver and the passengers when it comes to driving. Skoda automobiles are unusually roomy, giving you additional space to travel comfortably. Electronic adjustments for the driver's seat allow you to operate the vehicle without fumbling with the pedals.

Is Skoda a Good Car?

Skoda vehicles may be a bit pricy, but they have the ideal opulent appearance to match it. There are numerous colours available for various Skoda automobile models. The Skoda Kushaq Monte Carlo model features a dual-tone tail light spoiler, a sleek Monte Carlo fender garnish, glossy black ORVMs, a glossy black front diffuser, dark chrome door handles, and more. It also has a Skoda logo grille with a glossy black surround.

When it comes to Skoda vehicles, the interior is just as luxuriously pleasing to look at as the exterior. The inside of the Skoda Kushaq Monte Carlo matches its outward design with red and black leatherette rear seats and red and black ventilated leather seats.

In order for you to enjoy your journey in both comfort and flair, the inside also has red ambient lighting with ruby red metallic design, aluminium pedals, a carbon steel painted roof, and a red themed cockpit.

Car Safety at Its Best

There is no other car manufacturer that could match its safety features for the same price tag. Skoda vehicles are among the safest vehicles to drive since they are loaded with safety-related technologies.

The following are a few of the safety features you may find in the many Skoda automobile models and variations:

Traction Control System

Vehicles require greater stability when driving on low-grip surfaces in order to safely navigate the road. By reducing the drive power sent to the wheels in the event that they start spinning on the road, the traction control system in Skoda vehicles aids in stabilizing the vehicle.

Anti-lock Braking System

Road trips are typically unpredictable, and you never know when you'll need to slam on the brakes. In such brake circumstances, the Anti-lock Braking system assists you in maintaining control of your Skoda vehicle. The pulsing motion of the brake pedal indicates the Anti-lock Braking System's action.

Rollover Protection

One of the deadliest and fatality-prone car accident kinds is the vehicle rollover, which also has the highest fatality rate. However, if you drive a Skoda, you won't experience these collisions. The ESC will take action by applying brakes to certain wheels if it detects a possibility of a rollover. This will aid in stopping the car and stop it from toppling onto its roof or sides.

Brake Disc Wiping

Another severe concern to driving is the rainy season. Driving around puddles in the rain is safer when you have a Skoda. The Brake Disc Wiping feature found in Skoda vehicles aids in removing any extra water from the brake and maintains a short stopping distance.

Motor Slip Regulation

The motor slip reduction system aids in keeping your car under control in the event of a sudden decrease in speed. If the wheels of the driven axle lock, it also aids in accelerating the engine's speed. This aids in keeping the car under control by preventing the wheels from slipping.

Electronic Differential Locking System

Automobiles' electronic differential locking systems are crucial because they enable stable, smooth motion over rough surfaces. With the help of this mechanism, you can control the amount of grip each wheel has on the road.

Points to consider while picking the perfect Skoda for Yourself:

Talking about the enormous features that Skoda cars possess, Let's see How can you Pick the Perfect Skoda for Yourself according to your needs and budgetary frame.

Each Skoda model offers a unique collection of features and amenities that are better suited for one individual than another, making it difficult to choose the ideal car for you at times. So let's discuss some of the elements you should consider while selecting the ideal Skoda automobile model as per your requirements.

Fuel Type

The type of fuel in a car is one of the first things you should consider because it determines how comfortable it will be to drive and how much you will have to pay for fuel. There are various Skoda automobile models available in both petrol and diesel.

Choose from the Skoda Kodiaq, New Kushaq, Skoda Slavia, or Kushaq Monte Carlo if you want a petrol-powered engine. The petrol engine in the Skoda Kushaq Monte Carlo produces 114 horsepower at 5000 rpm. The Skoda Slavia has a 1.5-liter TSI engine that produces 150PS and has a horsepower rating of 115PS/178Nm.

The Skoda Kodiaq has one petrol engine with automatic gearbox, but the new Kushaq has two turbo-petrol engines: 1.0-liter (115PS/178Nm) and 1.5-liter (150PS/250Nm). There are petrol and diesel versions of the Skoda Octavia and Skoda Superb.

Engine Transmission Type

The car's engine transmission type must be taken into account. Some people might favour driving automatic vehicles, while others prefer those that are manual. Skoda offers several models in both engine and transmission types to suit your demands.

There are automatic engine transmission options for the Skoda Slavia, Skoda Kushaq, Skoda Kushaq Monte Carlo, Skoda Kodiaq, Skoda Octavia, and Skoda Superb vehicles.

There are manual transmission options for the Skoda Slavia, Skoda Kushaq, and Skoda Kushaq Monte Carlo automobile models.

The Size of the Car

You must decide how big or tiny you need the car to be based on the size of your family or how many people would need to drive in it frequently.

Skoda offers a wide range of models, including SUVs and family cars, that are designed to accommodate drivers of various sizes.

Choose the Skoda Slavia or Skoda Octavia if you want a tiny automobile. They are appropriate for both families and companies. They aid in navigating through intersections and are reasonably strong.

The Body Type of the Car

Each body form of an automobile has advantages and disadvantages, and different people prefer certain body types. Skoda automobile models come in a variety of body styles to aid in your selection.

The following list includes some of the several Skoda vehicles models and body types:

Skoda Octavia — Hatchback

Skoda Superb — Hatchback

Skoda Slavia — Sedan

Skoda Kodiaq — SUV

Skoda Kushaq — SUV

The Price of the Car

The amount you have to spend on an automobile is the most crucial deciding factor, regardless of the characteristics you're looking for. For the price they can be purchased at and all the features and technology they offer, Skoda automobiles are typically a great investment.

Unfortunately, some people may have a tighter budget than others, and vice versa. You might choose the Skoda Slavia or Skoda Kushaq if your budget is tighter. If your spending limit enables you to purchase more expensive models, consider the Skoda Kodiaq, Octavia, or Superb!

Safety Rating of the Car

The safety rating of an automobile is arguably one of the most crucial elements buyers should take into account. Skoda automobiles have typically fared well in crash tests and other safety evaluations.

One of the greatest crash testing facilities, GNCAP, awarded the Skoda Superb a 5-star rating. The ASEAN NCAP predicts that the Skoda Rapid Car would receive a score of around 4 in the frontal crash test and boasts great safety features like dual front airbags and seat belt pre-tensioners. Additionally, the Skoda Octavia received a 5-star rating from GNCAP for its safety performance.

Features Of the Car

What distinguishes one car ownership from another? The number of functions you can use when operating the vehicle. As the brand claims, Skoda vehicles are simply intelligent and feature a variety of technology to improve your life and driving.

Each Skoda model has distinctive amenities to offer its passengers, like an entertainment system, rearview camera, exit warning system, traffic jam assist, etc. Therefore, carefully consider the

advantages of each Skoda car model and select the one that will enable you to drive more safely and effectively.


Skoda vehicles are opulent not just in terms of price but also in terms of how they appear, feel, and are equipped with various forms of technology. Overall, it is reasonable to conclude that Skoda vehicles are among the greatest vehicles on the market in terms of safety, style, and unwavering dependability. Fortunately, Skoda automobile models are available in a wide range to suit the requirements of all types and choices of people. Visit the PPS Skoda Showroom in Hyderabad to find out more information on the features of your preferred Skoda Vehicle. For a more hands-on experience, we also suggest scheduling a test drive at your nearest PPS Skoda Showrooms in Hyderabad

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