Why You Should Use React.js For Web Development?

Why You Should Use React.js For Web Development?
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As Aza Raskin once said, “To the user, your interface is the product.” Yes, it’s true! Your user will be interacting with the interface continuously. Their definition of your product starts and ends with the interface that you have developed.

To attract the users, engage them and make interactions smooth, you must deliver a capable interface. That’s why most businesses focus on building a user-centric interface. They choose a tech stack that can ably transform their ideas and vision into an exciting front end.

 The frontend frameworks aim to help build a capable and interactive interface with exquisite libraries and incredible tools. 

ReactJs has been on every developer’s radar for front-end development. It is intuitively added to the tech stack for diverse reasons. 

Most developers believe it can improve their efficiency and offer them excellent solutions. If you are contemplating between ReactJs and other frontend frameworks, this article may help you make a choice. You will learn all the ways ReactJs can fit into your front-end requirements perfectly. 

What is ReactJs?

Facebook created a JavaScript library and framework to enhance developer’s productivity. This frontend framework is popularly called ReactJs. Majorly used by developers to create interactive user interfaces, it supports your interaction and experience goals.  

Significantly The framework comes with numerous pre-built codes and components that seem akin to building blocks and templates. Your developers can assemble these different elements to form a single codebase. 

As it is built upon the MVC architecture, you will note that it extends efficient rendering, which maximises the speed of the application. 

We will discuss the top features that make this framework a developer’s favourite and the tech stack’s must-have. 

Top Reasons to Choose ReactJs for Web Development

A lot of us consider ReactJs as the framework that enabled Facebook Lite. Yes, this JavaScript library helped build one of the lightest and most usable versions of the Facebook app. As the framework has solid support from the Facebook community, developers trust the platform and its abilities. 

However, you may not be sure of the framework unless you are aware of its abilities. Here are some of the top benefits that expert developers believe you can get by using the framework.

1. A Mature Development Workflow

Imagine working on a complex jigsaw puzzle with no picture or visual aid. That’s what happens when you work with a development framework that increases the workflow complexity. You spend a lot of time trying to identify how to build the workflow and the other half optimizing it.

Moreover, you spend a lot of time trying to understand the framework, which can reduce your efficiency. React Native introduces you to a mature development workflow. As a result, you can easily fix the pieces with minimal effort and plan your development process. 

Moreover, you can fit JSX into your framework and improve the code quality. Along with an efficient workflow and clean code, you can enjoy effortless planning and logic building. No wonder, a lot of you believe in the abilities of ReactJs development services

2. Flexibility with Component-based Architecture

How would you feel if someone asked you to develop the user interface in a single go? You would dread every bit of the complexity that will come your way. It would increase the project hours, and delay your deliveries. 

ReactJs ensures that you can deliver the interface in smaller iterations. Build small components for a function or unit, and enable interactions between the components. This flexibility helps you build the interface faster and with greater deliberation. 

You can reuse these components wherever you are placing these interactions. Once you are satisfied with the smaller chunks of components and code, you can put them together and build the interface.

This level of flexibility that you get with the modular development method makes it easier to build huge interfaces and maintain them. 

Moreover, with the reusability function, you can easily ensure quicker development and app deployment. 

You can also use certain built-in components to save time and create static web solutions or introduce advanced concepts. 

3. Power-packed Performance with Virtual DOM

You are blessed with a boon known as Virtual DOM when you begin using the ReactJs framework. Instead of creating an actual Document Object Model, ReactJs virtualizes the entire thing. This virtual DOM is stored in the memory. 

In case of updates, the virtual DOM is updated before the real one. As a result, the algorithm can efficiently calculate how long it will take to apply the new changes. Your developers can use the data to identify the swiftest way to apply the changes with minimal updates.

With Virtual DOM, you can enhance the speed of updates and the web project. This will automatically translate into a good-performing application. 

As virtual DOM manipulation and changes occur away from the actual memory, it saves the resource and CPU power consumption. This results in high-speed and efficient application. 

4. Wholesome Community Support

There are two reasons why you have excellent support with ReactJs- backed by Facebook and JavaScript library. You will gain support from the developer’s community active across forums and support groups. 

They can help you with troubleshooting, writing lines of code or even debugging. You can easily fix any situation with this backing from the developers. 

As both Facebook and JavaScript have been there for a long while, the community would know what issues you are likely to face. Similarly, they would also know how to tackle the issues, as they may have faced something similar. 

5. Extensive Ecosystem for Development

The toolset is critical for web app development. You must ensure you have the support from the most useful tool sets to ace development and testing the solutions. 

The tool ecosystem includes Redux development tools to enhance the convenience and capabilities of the developer. It also includes a Mobx library that can help with state management. You can also access the UI component libraries from the ecosystem. 

Material UI and Ant Design are popular libraries that extend solid and robust support. You can use them to plan your actions, examine the outcome of state changes and plan your application deployment. 

6. One-way Data Flow for Better Management

Data flow is a crucial part of the web application. A single-way flow can make the data movement predictable. This ensures that it is easier for the developers to maintain and debug the application's state. 

With ReactJs, you are bound by the one-way data flow management. As a result, the data flow moves from the source to the child components. This offers extensive maintenance capabilities to your developers. They would have an organised coding structure, which ensures complete ease.

Moreover, you will be following a specific path, which means managing the state is also efficient. Lastly, hassle-free rendering lets you speed up updates and ensure smooth performance. 

7. Boosts Application’s Optimization Capabilities

If your app is not visible, you may falter in the conversions. Good rankings on search engines can guarantee visibility, which translates to better customer visits. 

You may not find the suitable optimization tools with ReactJs library. However, when combined with NextJs, you can enable search engine optimization that can boost the app’s visibility on the Play Store and Search Engines. 

This can help you gather more users, and increase your revenue. 


ReactJs is a lightweight, highly customizable and native-like cross-platform framework that can improve your developer’s abilities. With this framework, you can accelerate app development and deployment.

Moreover, the right ecosystem and the community backing proves this platform can help unleash your developer’s abilities and boost their productivity.

You need an experienced and expert web development partner who understands the framework and can offer experiential solutions. It is important to define your requirements, research the ecosystem and use the right hiring model for the perfect outcome.

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