Would You Need iPhone Glass Replacement for iPhone 11?

Would You Need iPhone Glass Replacement for iPhone 11?
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01 November 2022

iPhones are unquestionably the best smartphones available today. Nevertheless, these valuable gadgets do not come without drawbacks. There are different issues you can encounter with iPhones, and one of those issues is broken iPhone glass. iPhone glass replacement is certainly a solution to fix a broken iPhone glass. Further, there are iPhone models, too, with the toughest glass. One of the best iPhone models when it comes to high-quality iPhone glass is the iPhone 11. 

Moreover, we are going to help you know the toughness of the iPhone 11 glass via this post. It will let you know whether you will possibly need a glass replacement for iPhone 11 or not.

Is the iPhone 11 Glass Unbreakable?

Different organizations conduct iPhone drop tests in order to evaluate the toughness of iPhones. For the same reason, iPhone 11 underwent a drop test that evaluated the robustness of its glass. As per tests, iPhone 11 glass looked better when it came to its toughness. Still, tests did not reveal iPhone 11 glass is unbreakable. We shall share with you the tests that the iPhone 11 underwent, considering the toughness of its glass.

iPhone 11 Drop Tests

When Apple launched the iPhone 11, it claimed that the iPhone 11 glass is the toughest. In other words, Apple meant you won’t find the same type of glass on any other smartphone. Besides, Apple launched the iPhone 11 in the month of September in 2019. Besides unveiling new features of the smartphone, Apple announced that iPhone 11 has the toughest glass. What Apple claimed was perhaps true. However, drop tests of the iPhone 11 corroborated that the iPhone 11 is not unbreakable. In other words, tests confirmed iPhone 11 can still break if your drop the smartphone.

Multiple organizations and a YouTube channel conducted their own drop tests to test the robustness of iPhone 11 glass. Nevertheless, all drop tests concluded the same result, iPhone 11 still breaks despite the toughness of its glass.

Tom Guide’s Experiment, Concerning the Toughness of iPhone Glass

According to the iPhone 11 drop test from Tom’s Guide, iPhone glass broke when the smartphone was dropped from 3.5 feet on concrete. Besides, the iPhone glass broke relatively easily when dropped on the front. When the iPhone was dropped at the same hip height on the back, the first drop did not cause any damage to the back. However, the cracks on the front were apparent due to the impact of the drop. 

In addition, the back glass encountered cracks when the iPhone was dropped from shoulder height. Moreover, drop tests that the YouTube channel conducted revealed better results. The iPhone 11 failed to evade damage when dropped from a height of ten feet. These tests reveal iPhone 11 has strong glass; however, you will still need the iPhone glass replacement with a broken iPhone 11 glass.

What If You Do Not Break Your iPhone 11 Glass in the First Place? 

iPhone 11 has unquestionably strong glass, and the same holds for its successors. Further, Apple claims that it made iPhone 11 via a dual ion-exchange process. The process that Apple deployed for the creation of iPhone 11 glass added strength to it. But with one accidental fall, iPhone 11 glass can possibly break. But what if you take preventive measures beforehand to avoid this mishap from happening? Yes, you can possibly avoid damaging your iPhone 11 glass if you invest in an iPhone 11 case.

Moreover, it is important that you invest in a high-quality iPhone case to protect your iPhone from possible damage. Additionally, you should invest in a good screen protector to evade damaging your iPhone screen. Managing to avoid damage to your iPhone, you will not only protect your expensive gadget. But also, save yourself some money that you might have spent on iPhone glass or iPhone screen repair. 

Nonetheless, iPhone 11 is still one of the good smartphones to invest in despite the fact that it does not have unbreakable glass. Furthermore, you can also revive your broken iPhone glass as good as new if you choose a credible iPhone repair shop for it.


iPhones are undoubtedly the best smartphones available today. Still, these expensive smartphones do not come without drawbacks. iPhone 11 is one of the best iPhones you can buy today. Further, Apple claimed at the time of the launch of the preceding iPhone, it has the best glass. 

Nevertheless, drop tests that Toms’ Guide and a YouTube channel conducted for the same iPhone revealed it is still breakable. It means you will need the iPhone glass replacement to fix the damage if you break iPhone 11 glass with a drop. 

Moreover, investing in the iPhone 11 case will let you provide added protection to your device to prevent your iPhone 11 glass from breaking. Lastly, you can always count on a reputable iPhone repair shop for iPhone screen or glass replacement.

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