Iphone 11 price in srilanka

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28 July 2023

Buy iPhone 11 for best price in Sri Lanka

The best price for iPhone 11 in Sri Lanka is Rs. 179,000.00, Prices are subject to change every day therefore kindly call our hotline or showroom to get the latest price updates. LuxuryX is one of the largest wholesalers and retailers of apple iPhones (including iPhone 11) within Sri Lanka region.

 iPhone price in Sri Lanka.

Why iPhone 11 prices are different in different stores in Sri Lanka

The iPhone 11 prices vary across outlets in the country, as each store sets its own pricing by adding desired profit margins and costs. Additionally, certain versions of the iPhone 11 are available at lower prices in international markets like Japan (J/A), India (HN/A), and the USA (LL/A). These specific models are manufactured exclusively for these countries for particular reasons. On the other hand, international versions, such as the Singapore version of the iPhone 11, are sold at higher prices within Sri Lanka due to the fact that they are eligible for warranty claims within the Asian region, including Sri Lanka.

Will iPhone 11 cheaper in foreign countries

It is unlikely that retail customers can obtain a better price for the iPhone 11 from overseas compared to Apple resellers. Resellers have the advantage of purchasing in bulk directly from the manufacturer, which allows them to access better prices, known as dealer prices. Additionally, resellers such as LuxuryX offer the added benefit of one-year warranty services, which may not be available when purchasing iPhones from overseas sources. Therefore, buying from authorised resellers within the country is often a more cost-effective and reliable option for customers seeking an iPhone 11.

How to identify if iphone 11 is original or refurbished

Step one : Open “Settings”app on iphone 11 and go to “general”, then go to “about”. look for part number or model of the device. This will looks similar like “MHDH3ZP/A”. First letter will inform you if iphone 11 is new or refurbished.
step two : You can find from backside of apple box. it mentioned as “part number”

  • M : Brand New Device  (Device purchased as new)
  • F : Refurbished by apple. Meaning, this device is refurbished by apple
  • N : Replacement device by apple. Apple sometime provides replacement unit for customer when customer ask warranty replacement.
  • P : Personalised by apple
  • 3 : Demo unit by apple. Apple provides demo devices to apple showroom for display purposes.

What is the meaning of TRCSL approved iphone 11

A organisation called Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka (TRCSL) provides approval / licence for each mobile vendors (seller) to import and sell iphone 11 within Sri Lanka. If seller has fulfilled the requirement, then they can obtain TRCSL approved tag from TRCSL.

What is Genxt / Abans / Seller Warranty in iPhone 11

All genuine iPhone 11 devices come with a one-year Apple Care manufacturer warranty. Authorized service providers for iPhone 11 in Sri Lanka include Genxt, Future World Lanka, and Abans. These service providers exclusively offer warranty services for the A2221 model of the iPhone 11. Depending on who is responsible for the warranty, the terms “name of the service provider warranty” or “seller warranty” will be used.

However, it is essential to note that Apple only provides a “one year Apple Care warranty.” The crucial factor to consider is where you can claim the warranty in Sri Lanka. Therefore, it is highly recommended to verify with LuxuryX showroom before making any purchasing decisions. It is vital to check the device warranty before buying, which can be done through the website checkcoverage.apple.com. Ensure that the device warranty is activated correctly to ensure proper coverage.

Which version of iphone 11 is best?

iPhone 11 has released with 3 model numbers, A2221, A2111, and A2223. The A2111 model is exclusively available for sale in Canada and the United States, while the A2223 model is limited to China mainland, Hong Kong, and Macao. The A2221 model is considered the international version.

The key difference among these models lies in their mobile network connectivity capabilities. Certain countries, such as China and Hong Kong, do not allow the eSIM version of the iPhone 11. Consequently, Apple created the A2223 model to fulfill this requirement. On the other hand, the United States and Canada have specific differences in radio frequency and bandwidth compared to other nations, leading to the creation of the A2111 model for these regions.

Apple Inc. and the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka (TRCSL) suggest that the A2221 model (iPhone 11) is the best option for Sri Lanka. This particular model offers greater compatibility with Sri Lankan network providers. Additionally, Apple devices in the Sri Lanka region are regulated by Singapore Apple. Hence, the Singapore model (A2221) is recommended as the ideal choice for iPhone 11 users in Sri Lanka, ensuring a better network experience.

Why do you choose LuxuryX to buy iPhone 11 in Sri Lanka?

With over 7 years of experience in the industry, we take pride in offering the best price match guarantee and delivering top-quality products. When it comes to finding the best iPhone 11 price in Sri Lanka, you can trust us to provide exceptional value.

Year after year, more than 5000 customers place their trust in us. We prioritize customer satisfaction by offering a friendly and knowledgeable staff, reliable software support, and flexible purchasing options. At LuxuryX, you can choose to visit our store, make an online purchase, or enjoy the convenience of home delivery within 1-2 days.


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