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The First Full-Size 3D Print of a Human Heart Is Here

Imagine having the option to get a 3D printed organ. No more waiting on a list. Well, a team of biomedical engineers from Carnegie Mellon University are bringing us closer to that reality. Say hello to the first flexible full-size 3D print of a huma...

Alex · 24 December 2020 · 236

These Power-Free 3D Printed Objects Can Talk With WiFi

We live in an ever-more interconnected world. Homes today can have thermostats, TVs, computers, phones, refrigerators, and light bulbs all on the same Wi-Fi network. But all of these devices required a power source like a battery or a wall outlet. Un...

Alex · 27 November 2020 · 270

The Revolution of Custom Automotive Parts Production in Dubai through 3D Printing

Dubai, renowned for its opulent lifestyle and luxury vehicles, has embraced the transformative power of 3D printing in the automotive industry. This technology has ushered in a new era in the production of custom automotive parts, providing a unique...

3d printing · 08 September · 1