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Linux This Month - Red Hat Certifications Go Remote, Jenkins Graduates & Ubuntu Gets a Release

In this article, we'll be talking about some exciting news related to Red Hat certification. They're going remote and the expiration dates have been extended. Ubuntu has released the first point release for 20.04. This will be version 20.04.1. Befo...

Alex · 02 September 2020 · 87

Best Pen tablets for ZBrush and Blender

ZBrush and Blender are both 3D modeling programs that are popular among hobbyists, aspiring artists, and seasoned professionals, especially when it comes to sculpting. Digital sculpting is a modeling method that tries to replicate the real thing: It starts with a ball of “clay”, and using brushes, you can pinch it, smooth it, divide...

yang xiaobai · 29 October · 4