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In Five Years, the Number of Data Scientists will Double! Are you Equipped with the Necessary Skills?

After the pandemic, digitalization has been at the forefront, and on a global level, companies are investing in the latest technologies to enhance their efficiency and operations. Technological advancement will continue to develop, and data analytics...

Emily Joe · 17 April · 68

Importance of statistics for Data Scientists

Data Scientists are required to have a good knowledge on the essential concepts related to Statistics. It is one of the main concepts that are required to generate high-quality models. Statistics is the process of analyzing the dataset to identify th... · 22 March 2022 · 207

Data Science Applications

Data is being produced at an unprecedented rate in the modern digital era.  With the advancements in technology and the widespread use of the internet, organizations across various industries are collecting massive amounts of data. But the capac...

Gour sinha · 25 October · 1

4 Data Compliance Standards to Know For 2023

In recent times, data has undoubtedly become very crucial in most of the industries around us. Now as the amount of information grows, the standard of protection of information of the people also grows substantially. Now that constant cyber-attacks a...

Smita Patel · 11 October · 1