In Five Years, the Number of Data Scientists will Double! Are you Equipped with the Necessary Skills?

In Five Years, the Number of Data Scientists will Double! Are you Equipped with the Necessary Skills?
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After the pandemic, digitalization has been at the forefront, and on a global level, companies are investing in the latest technologies to enhance their efficiency and operations. Technological advancement will continue to develop, and data analytics and science have become a center of attraction. Due to this development, organizations have started realizing the significance of data optimization for their business. The data allows business leaders to take practical actions and ensures success or prosperity.

This rapid development has increased employment opportunities and demand for data science professionals. Job-related to data science are famous worldwide and are estimated to be third–highest–paying jobs. Hence, the data science career has several opportunities, bringing job opportunities in various sectors, from banking, finance, entertainment, etc. Employers are hiring a skilled professional for this role, so it is vital to know the top data scientist skills which will thrive in 2023 and beyond.

Top in – Demand Data Scientist Skills

Here are the top essential skills that a good data scientist should have:

1. Knowledge of Data Visualization

One of the vital aspects of data analysis is data visualization. It is always important to convey information in a way that should be comprehendible and pleasant to the eyes. However, the data scientist should obtain data visualization skills to connect with end users effectively. However, specific programs are available, including Power BI, Qlik Sense, Tableau, and others, all with user–friendly interfaces.

Moreover, data visualization is more of art programmed process, and there is no size fit. Professional data visualization knows about its graphic elements, so, in the beginning, you should get basic knowledge like bar charts, pie charts, histograms, and so on. In the exploratory data analysis stage, graph knowledge is essential.

2. Programming Language – Python and R

Python and R programming languages are the most popular and usual coding languages required in a data scientist career. Languages play a role in organizing unstructured data sets and obtaining essential outcomes desired by companies instead of their domain. However, for manipulating data and applying settings of algorithms when needed for that data, scientists need to have proficiency in both languages.

The popularity of skill is in high demand across various industries like finance, healthcare, hospitality, energy, and logistics. Hence, in the next five years, the number of data scientists with programming knowledge is expected to rise above 10 million.

3. In-Depth Knowledge of Mathematical Concepts

While creating a sentence, it is essential to know grammar to construct a proper sentence. Similarly, it is imperative to understand statistics before you build any high quality structure. However, machine learning starts with statistics and continually develops. Even the linear regression fundamentals are based on statistical analysis concepts.

Statistics is the study of analysis, collection, presentation, interpretation, and management of information. Thus, it is crucial to understand the fundamentals of descriptive statistics, like mean, median, mode, standard deviation, and variance.

4. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Data science professionals are adept at building ML or AI technologies and, with experience in this area, will be treated as royalty by the tech industry. A person with a good understanding of AI and machine learning concepts can handle large data sets, such as cleaning up data and removing redundant data, while simultaneously working on different algorithms. It allows for significant optimization and brings critical efficiency that companies need to reduce costs and guarantee profitability.

5. Knowledge of Data Wrangling and Data Exploration

Data Wrangling is a process that involves cleaning and unifying complex and messy data collections to make them easier to access and analyze. Consider the simple act of packing luggage. What happens when you put your entire wardrobe in your bag? It will save you a few seconds, but your clothes may also be damaged. Spend a few moments ironing and stacking clothes instead. Your clothes will last longer, and you will save time.

EDA (exploratory data analysis) is the first phase of your data analysis. You'll learn how to interpret the data, what questions to ask, and how to formulate them. Also, you will discover how to modify the data sources to find the best solution to the current problem. You can examine patterns, trends, outliers, and unexpected outcomes. On the other hand, data manipulation and wrangling can be time-consuming but ultimately help you make better decisions based on your data. Data manipulation and wrangling are commonly used to correct data types, fix outliers, scale data, and transform data. Data scientists should be confident and familiar with data exploration and wrangling concepts.

6. Data Storytelling Skills

Yes, you are correct. Data scientists need to be creative in their thinking. One of the key responsibilities assigned to this job is "telling a data story." You must make complex data science concepts understandable for various audiences (including the company leadership and stakeholders). As a data scientist, you will be the voice of the data. You will be vital in using company data to develop business solutions. You should be able to draw a clear image for your staff, your VPs, and your customers.


In this decade, pursuing a career as a data scientist is exciting. There are vast opportunities in this field, and it proves a promising career. With this, the demand for data scientists continues to grow exponentially. So, aspiring candidates should focus on obtaining essential skills and constantly upgrading their knowledge. In career advancement, the data scientist certification plays a significant role as it ensures success in their career.

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