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The DUMBEST Thing About HDMI

It used to be that trying to hook up something to a TV or a monitor was like dumping garbage onto a truck. You'd plug in some analog cables and the TV would just show whatever it was sent. If the picture looked off in some way, such as having weird c...

Alex · 02 January 2021 · 91

What’s EDID and Why Is It Important?

EDID, or extended display identification data, is the structured data embedded in a display that is used to notify the source device of its capabilities. Based on this communication (also known as EDID handshake), the source device figures out the best video output in this situation and delivers it to the viewer. What Is EDID? EDID stands for&nbs...

Cecilia · 1 year ago · 1

What’s the Benefits of Using an EDID Emulator?

What’s EDID? EDID records the information of a display such as the dimensions/screen size, original resolution, color properties, frequency range limits, etc. EDID handshakes enable the information exchange and when the computer gets it, it will deliver the image that fits the display. Here to learn more: What’s EDID and Why Is I...

Cecilia · 04 April 2023 · 12