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Top 4 finance terms you need to know: crypto investing for beginners
You can spend many years in the crypto space  but still find traditional  finance terms confusing! If you don’t know how quantitative easing works or why the bond market is so importan...

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A.I. Is Solving the Wrong Problem
On a warm day in 2008, Silicon Valley’s titans-in-the-making found themselves packed around a bulky, blond-wood conference room table. Although they are big names today, the success of their…

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SEO Strategies That Can Make Your Businesses
It\'s a waste of time and resources to build a robust website that no one can find. As a result, how can you make your website stand out on the internet and keep up with the competition? SEO is the bes...

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Ask Ethan: Will physics ever see another Einstein or Newton?
In all of science, no figures have changed the world more than Einstein and Newton. Will anyone ever be as revolutionary again?

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This Ukrainian deeptech startup has trained an AI to paint war art
A Ukrainian deeptech startup is launching a charity NFT project to sell AI-generated artworks with the twin goal of raising money to support people affected by Russia’s war of aggression and also — it hopes — keep attention locked on the conflict as it approaches its fourth month, with many in the c...

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What is Saber (SBR)? SBR crypto explained (Solana altcoins to know)
Decentralized exchanges (DEXs) are taking the DeFi  community by storm. Currently, there are over two   hundred great projects for DeFi degens to enjoy.  And now, there’s ano...

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Science Can’t Figure Out Why Some Liquids Flow
Fluids are a necessary part of everyday life. After all, without water you couldn’t live, and without chocolate syrup, well, what would be the point? But have you ever noticed that not all liquids beh...

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The Cult in Google
I worked for Google for about three and a half years as a video producer. I was fired because I raised alarm about a doomsday cult that…

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NodeJs vs Go- Which is Best for Backend Development?
When developing a web application, the front-end UI is merely one component. Bringing business logic and critical processes to life at the…

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