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Bella has over 5+ years of experience leading strategic digital marketing, social media, influencer engagement and analytics initiatives. In addition to acting as the Director of Marketing and Customer Experience at BCBS, she is also an author on the topic of transforming teams and partners to beat your competition.

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Bella Thomas

Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio: Like Good Wine

With the update of its Stelvio, Alfa Romeo took the opportunity to correct a few small flaws here and there. The same goes for its sports version Quadrifoglio. Fortunately, the hea...

Bella Thomas in Automobiles 04 March · 51

Stereotypes that are killing application design

In recent years, user interactions have evolved so rapidly that designers can hardly keep track of them. This evolution allows mobile android app development company borrow interac...

Bella Thomas in Mobile 24 November 2020 · 27 · 1