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a freelance writer. He is loving every bit of it. Her niches are marketing, lifestyle, wellness, travel, and entertainment. Apart from writing, Chris loves to travel, binge-watch, research conspiracy theories, Instagram, and overthink.

The Value Of URL Parameters In Google Ads

There are countless ways to monitor user behavior in Google Ads. Advertisers can find out more about the source of their traffic by using URL parameters. Your decision-making will be more well-inform...
26 November 2022 ·
· 66 · 1 · Chris Blair

Which Kind of Advertisements Are Text-Based Ads? Complete Guidelines [2022]

Do you want to know which advertisements comprise text-based ads? If yes, you must consider reading this article till the end. Several text-based ads can help you meet your objectives within a specifi...
17 October 2022 ·
· 73 · Chris Blair

How Is Snap Score Calculated? [2022]

Snapchat was originally invented by stealing other social networking platforms. Snap Score and Snapchat’s streaks are both very popular features. Although, many people have less idea about these...
22 August 2022 ·
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Right Way To Set Up A Campaign [2022]

Your ads will show in the search results when someone searches with keywords. That’s why It is called a search network campaign.  Google Search Network Campaign is one of the most popular...
17 August 2022 ·
· 59 · Chris Blair