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Den W.
  1. Hmm. This seems like a huge improvement than their previous laptop

  2. We can expect Abode and other will optimize for ryzen in near future ☺️

  3. They´re following the trend of hybrid cars: small, efficient electric motors for driving in cities, and large and (relatively) powerful but inefficient engines for occasional large trips.

  4. Nvidia should have said "in certain instances" the 3080 is double power.

  5. I love it when greedy, capitalistic corporations fight each other for more money lol

  6. I'll wait for the RTX 3080 version of the laptop, gonna be priced at the same (maybe even lesser) amount

  7. Finally the perfect ryzen gaming laptop with good battery life, good screen, good keyboard, good pricing, good everything. Every other ryzen gaming notebooks have atleast 1-2 defects which is a deal breaker. Finally a good work by hp!

  8. fyi: no company is truly private in China, there are specific laws that guarantee the CCP access to whatever they please from any company

  9. There's another BIG problem with TVs as well that is the part where the upscaler is not programmed to deal with 240p. The "TV standard" is that you send 240 lines, 60 times per second, and those lines are either ODD or EVEN, as in you send line 1, 3, 5, 7 then on the next frame its line 2,4,6,8... But old consoles don't do that, they send just the same field over and over, while keeping the other field black, and this works fine on CRTs as you get twice as bright lines etc… So ideally, the televisions should detect when this is being done and either keep one of the fields as black lines or double the lines, but instead they try to force the picture to be 480i and you get awful artifacts like the combing

  10. Those extra pins don't seem to be helping Intel any, that's for sure.

  11. Choose the console with the exclusive games and features you want. Performance won’t be that different.

  12. "We've went from 32nm to half that (14nm) in ten years"... yeah and if we also count AMD, half that again ;)