3 Ways To Boost Social Media Marketing ROI Through AI

3 Ways To Boost Social Media Marketing ROI Through AI
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27 November 2022

Artificial intelligence offers the best chances in industries like healthcare, space, and software engineering. Here, social media marketing is not an exceptional field to try AI. Evolving social media algorithms have challenging features for brands to get marketing outcomes. In such cases, brands are looking to get started with AI-based technologies for real-time data. Also, using AI helps in enhancing SEO marketing strategies. 

Are you already familiar with social media marketing? If yes, now start to boost your social media marketing's ROI using AI. Next, begin to try Reels, YouTube Shorts, or TikTok. It is because these short video features help drive better video engagement. Do you have questions popping out of your mind? What's the best video option to get a better audience base? For this, the suggestion would be YouTube Shorts. Next, do you know how to create appealing YouTube Shorts? If not, focus on trending niche along with that try the option to use Famouspanel that increases your YouTube subscribers. 

Thus, the intro about AI and its technology factors can assist you in improving your social media marketing methods. This article will get you clear on how to use AI to build up your social media marketing game plan. Yet, before that, let us discuss why you should focus on social media marketing as the first choice. 

Let us get started now!

Why Should You Target On Social Media Marketing?

Do you the advantages of social media? Social media marketing works to build reach, engagement, and conversions among potential buyers. Based on 2020, half of the world uses social media with 3.6 billion users. Also, it expects to skyrocket with 4.41 billion by 2025. 

Due to the pandemic lockdowns, everyone spent more time inside the homes. Also, lockdown led to an increased usage of social media platforms. Hence, the social media users growth is not limited to the number of users: 87% of social media users. In addition, 47% of females and 41% of males spend their time on social media platforms. Social media platforms play a significant role in people researching their brands. Above all, social media helps look for product details that your audience needs to buy. 

Yet, what does it refer to your business on social media marketing? First, it highlights the need to build a strong brand presence on social media platforms. Also, social media helps your business not to stay behind your competitors. So, if you plan to grow your business profile on social media platforms, try to drive better engagement for your social media content. Above all, try to use Famouspanel, which elevates your brand's performance with a huge ROI. 

3 Ways To Boost Social Media Marketing ROI Through AI

There are several ways to influence AI in social media marketing. Here, we will be discussing some of them below for you to assist you in building your brand. 

1. Benefit Of Improved Customer Intelligence

At first, beginning to promote social media is researching and finding who your customers are. Also, look at your customers' needs and what they are looking for in detail. Machine learning and AI assist you in getting and analyzing customers' behavioral information. Like the perfect information about your social media customers. Meanwhile, it can take a massive time for human beings to examine the statistics and extract the behavioral stat of customers. In contrast, AI takes a short time with accuracy while working on social media marketing. AI learns and forecasts the audience's needs, choices, and purchasing behaviors for every single interaction with your customers. 

Now, let us look at the best example of popular brands like Sephora SEA using Dynamic Yield to deploy customized in-store experiences. It improves digital marketing channels for discoverability. After six months of delivering Dynamic Yield, the brand generated six times from PDP suggestions. 

Do you wonder how the Dynamic Yield brand helped the beauty retailer achieve this? If so, these are the following aspects.

  • Find the products that customers buy.
  • Guide your users throughout the buying process.
  • Connect both offline and online digital channels to streamline the customer's venture. 

After a better understanding of the customer's thoughts and buying behavior, you can make more engaging content and focus more on your social media marketing. With forecasting analysis, begin to offer your customers better chances as it is the best social media marketing method. It can assist you in building trust and boost your campaign's ROI. 

2. Tweak Your Visual Content Strategy Through AI

Do you know that posting detailed visuals on social media can drive engagement? First, look at the following brands like Unilever, P&G, and REVOLVE that use the visual content strategy. Next, suppose you want to check at the forecast how a brand's product videos work before posting on social media platforms. Read further. The visual AI-based strategy trend works and forecasts how your audience will react to images based on their niche. Also, it targets composition, texture, color background. Using these insights, you can find the best engaging visuals your social media followers will look at. Thus, these resonate by enhancing your content's reach, engagement, and impressions. 

Fun Fact: Are you trying to get more eyes into your social media marketing content? If so, start creating the best content strategy that works among your followers. With that, begin to focus on grabbing your audience's attention by making use of Famouspanel, where you can get substantial potential audience engagement. 

3. Market By Using AI with Augmented Reality (AR)

Now, AR and AI are the two primary technologies that can assist you in expanding your sales growth. With the AR feature, you can offer a virtual try-on experience to your customers on social media platforms. With AR features for your business website, customers can try the products before making their buying decisions. Also, AR helps in boosting the chance of potential customers reaching out from their decision-making thoughts. 

Do you know the best part of AR in social media marketing? It is nothing but the consumers do all this without going away from the social media platform. Indeed, social media like Facebook and Instagram have already started to use try-on features to improve outcomes. 

Benefits Of Artificial Intelligence In SMM

AI is an umbrella term covering technologies such as natural language processing, machine learning, image recognition, and deep learning. 

From knowing your customers to automating communications, AI assists in making it suitable for your business growth. Several brands and business marketers are working on AI-based solutions to build their marketing strategy, save time and generate better outcomes. 

Below, you got the following benefits of using AI for your social media marketing:

  • Streamline the marketing methods
  • Offers valuable insights about the buyer behaviour
  • Greater efficiency and productive results
  • Improved user experience
  • Higher user engagement
  • Refined content targeting
  • Reduce marketing budget
  • Generates higher ROI

Wrapping It Up

AI is an ideal solution that helps business marketers with time and money. We have discussed the use cases of AI in different social media marketing above. I believe that you can benefit from these insights and tricks to build your brand on social media. Thanks for reading!

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