4 apps to make PIX in installments

4 apps to make PIX in installments
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Of these, almost all are apps to make Pix with a credit card and pay the transfer amount in installments on the card statement . That is, the installments fall as "purchases" in the invoices for the coming months. However, there is one notable exception , which offers installment payment in an entirely different way .

Below, we will explain more about each of these applications , their features , fees charged and other conditions for you to choose which one to use.

1) RecargaPay

RecargaPay was one of the first apps to offer the Pix Installment function to its users. The app is a digital wallet that allows you to send money through the Central Bank system , but also recharge transport and cell phone cards , purchase gift cards and much more.

See below the steps to make Pix in installments on RecargaPay:

  1. download the app
  2. Create your account
  3. Tap “Pix with Card”
  4. Enter recipient data
  5. Enter the amount to send
  6. Choose card and installments
  7. confirm

We put this app at the top of our list for the amount of benefits it offers users who want to make a money transfer in installments.

To begin with, the app charges the lowest service fee for this operation : just 3.49% of Prime+ customers. Ordinary users pay 3.99%, a rate that is even less than or equal to competitors.

In addition, there are 3 significant benefits in Pix Installments by RecargaPay. The first is to be able to pay the shipment in up to 12 installments , earning enough time off to pay. Afterwards, it is possible to pay in installments with any Visa or MasterCard card . This means that it is not necessary to use the app's own card.

Finally, it is also possible to pay any amount in installments , as long as it fits in the card balance . Thus, users have complete freedom to make payments as they wish.

In addition to the installment benefits, Pix on RecargaPay also has some unique advantages . For example:

  • Pix insurance of up to R$2,000 : Prime+ customers have insurance of up to R$2,000 against errors when sending Pix.
  • Pay Pix on the card : even without having to pay in installments, Pix payment can be made using your credit card.
  • Pay slip on Pix : the app allows you to read the QR Code that comes with some slips to make the payment in the Central Bank system.
  • Sending limit control : the user can control the maximum amount that he can send in the Pix according to his preference.

2) Santander

Santander is the only major Brazilian bank to offer the possibility of making a transfer in installments through the Central Bank system . The service is offered under the name “ Split the Pix ”.

To make the installment with Santander, the steps are :

  1. Install the Santander app
  2. Create your account and login
  3. Tap the “Pix” option
  4. Choose the Pix Key you want to use
  5. Click “Split the Pix” on the “Pay” screen
  6. Tap on “Edit Installments” and define how many months you will pay and the best day for the installments to fall
  7. Click “Continue” and then “Confirm” to send the money .

It is important to bear in mind that Santander does not allow Pix to be made in installments using a credit card . That's right: this is the only app on the list that doesn't operate on the card .

Divide o Pix is ​​a line of credit , like a loan , that the user hires directly through the app . Therefore, even those who do not have a card can pay in installments.

However, you obviously need to be a Santander account holder to use the feature. In addition, there are some specific conditions to keep in mind:

  • The interest rate varies according to the client's profile . People with a lower Score or a lower history with the bank will pay higher interest
  • There is a charge of IOF in installments
  • It is possible to pay in up to 24 installments
  • The minimum installment must be R$5
  • The maximum installment must be R$100 . 

Therefore, the maximum that can be paid in installments is R$2,400 , which means that, considering the interest, the maximum that a customer can send in installments is around R$2,000 , more or less.

3) Mercado Pago

Mercado Pago is a digital bank linked to Mercado Livre that offers various financial services , such as payment for purchases and Pix Installments .

To send money in Pix using Mercado Pago in installments , do the following:

  1. Download the Mercado Pago app
  2. Create your account and register
  3. Tap “Transfer”
  4. Click on “New Transfer”
  5. Enter the receiver's Pix key
  6. Enter the transfer amount
  7. Select the card and the amount of installments
  8. Click “Select” and “Transfer”
  9. Review the data and confirm

In Mercado Pago, you can pay your transfer in up to 12 installments , with an operation fee of 3.99% . In addition, it is important to bear in mind that there is also an installment fee charged , which varies according to the amount of installments .

That is, just for paying the Pix with a card, there is already a charge of 3.99% . Afterwards, depending on the number of installments , there is an extra fee to be charged.

The user can use any credit card, of any flag, for the operation. However, the minimum amount to be paid in installments is USD$10 . Also check

Best Instant Approval Credit Cards for more details.

4) PicPay

One of the most famous digital wallets in Brazil, PicPay offers a series of services and advantages to its customers . Making Pix Installments is one of those app products.

To send money in installments via PicPay, you need to follow the steps below:

  1. install the app
  2. Create free account
  3. Access the “Pix” menu
  4. Choose how it will be sent (whether by key or data, via QR Code or Pix Copy and Paste)
  5. Enter the amount to transfer
  6. Tap the “Payment method” option and choose the card
  7. Set the number of installments
  8. Review the information and confirm the submission.

As with the other apps on the list, PicPay has a specific set of conditions for those who want to send money in installments to a friend, acquaintance or to make a purchase.

To begin with, the app charges a fee of 4.99% on Pix Installments . In addition, a 4.49% installment fee is charged. 

That is: just using the operation you pay 4.99% and then another 4.49% on the installments.

One advantage is that you can split the Pix in more than 12 installments , which helps if you are sending a very high amount.

As it is a digital wallet, PicPay also allows sending with cards of all flags , which is an advantage. You do not need to be a customer of a specific bank to send.


Now that we have reached the end of this content, we can see that making Pix Installed is quite easy . In all the apps mentioned here, it is possible to complete the process in less than 5 minutes . The only restriction is at Santander, where you need to be an account holder .

Despite the fees, splitting the transfer can bring many advantages . For example, it is advantageous to carry out this operation when we have no money in the account , but we need to pay someone. It is also worth paying in cash and then paying in installments on account when the rate is lower than the store installment.

However, it is worth paying attention to the fees for each app before making Pix Installments , so as not to pay more than you intended.


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