4 Types of Videos Ads That You Need To Know

4 Types of Videos Ads That You Need To Know
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11 October 2022

In general, video advertising or video ads is an audio-visual media created with the aim of advertising products, both goods, and services.

In fact, video has long been used as a marketing tool, most of which are broadcast as TVC on television screens. However, the costs you have to spend are quite expensive because the product requires more sophisticated equipment, especially if you add various effects.

Now, anyone can create ad videos for marketing purposes. Even with only a smartphone camera and adequate editing software, you can produce an ad in video format.

In addition, different from TVC whose duration is limited, advertisements in the form of digital videos will not be restrained in terms of duration. You can also be creative according to your needs and concepts, including on which platform the video will be uploaded. If the execution is good, it is not impossible that the video can increase brand awareness of the product or company.

What are the types of ad videos?

Changing market trends and technological advances have divided advertising videos into several types. Before you’re ready to make video ads, here are the types of videos that you can choose to advertise your product with.

1. Video native ads

In the world of advertising, native advertising is a type of ad whose format adapts to the type of social media platform used, such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Ads. You are usually asked to pay for advertising to third parties.

Advertisements submitted to third parties will later be displayed like general content on the platform. Even though you have to pay upfront, placing a video ad on social media will provide promising exposure, because you will get priority from the company.

2. YouTube video ads

Those of you who often watch videos on Youtube must have 'held' short advertisements at the beginning, middle, or end of the show. Whether it’s live-action or animation video ads. However, for businesses or business owners, video ads on this platform are very profitable and effective for building awareness among the audience.

The duration of video ads that are displayed on Youtube is quite varied, from 6, 15, to 30 seconds. Unfortunately, long video adverts are easy for audiences to skip, thus missing important information. Therefore, you have to make sure the concept of the ad is interesting until the end.

3. User-generated content

Next, there is user-generated content, the type of content that the audience creates directly and then uploads to the relevant brand. Business owners or businesses that use this content often create video campaigns and upload them to social media using hashtags.

Before uploading, you are required to ask permission from the brand in question to prevent copyright or copyright issues. UGC is also believed to increase your credibility in the eyes of consumers. The result? Products will receive reliable organic reviews.

4. Influencer video ads

The term influencer is certainly familiar to those of you who are in the marketing world. The presence of influencers can also be used for video ads to bring higher engagement and increase sales conversions.

At the beginning of its appearance, macro-influencers who have followers of up to hundreds of thousands of users became the target of business people. But lately, micro-influencers who have an average of tens of thousands of followers have become an option to be considered, because they generate more organic engagement.

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