How to create video ads on Google? 

How to create video ads on Google? 

A few new features for Google Advertising are going live, including one that makes it simple for businesses to make video ads on google. A unified repository for creative assets and a replacement tool for adding voice-overs to YouTube ads are other features.

Google Ads Video Creation Tool

Using one of Google’s new templates, businesses can produce video advertising in a matter of minutes. There are 14 templates available in the video ad production tool, and all of them are based on various goals. The intricacy of creating a video diminishes once you have templates to follow, freeing up longer to figure out your messaging, audience research, or marketing strategy.

In a blog post, Google claims that:

The templates are designed specifically for YouTube, so they feature calls to action that are clearly visible and have the right amount of brand and product promotion. They are made to make your advertisement stand out and produce results. The intricacy of creating video ads on google diminishes when you have templates to follow, freeing up more time to work on your messaging, audience research, or marketing strategy.

Simply adding images, text, and brand colors to a template will produce a video ad. You can also include automatic voice-overs or music from Google’s audio collection.

How Voice-overs are added to YouTube video ads?

A new option for advertisers turns text input into realistic-sounding speech to overlay on YouTube video adverts using Google’s AI technology. The voice-overs are “near human quality,” according to Google, and “tailored for advertising.” This function is available through the Google Ads asset library. All of your video advertisements, even those that have already been submitted, can now have voice-overs. English, Filipino, French, Hindi, Indonesian, Korean, Malaysian, Mandarin, Spanish, and Swedish automated voice-overs are also available.

Google Ads Asset Storage about video ads on google

To facilitate the organization, creation, and access of photos and movies, Google is developing a centrally hosted asset library for creating video ads on google. For marketing teams with numerous employees working on the same campaigns, this capability is very helpful. Google claims in a blog post:

“Users of your Google Ads account can access photos and videos through the asset library for a visual-first experience. You may examine, import, and arrange artistic resources from both past and present campaigns with your coworkers. This makes consistency, sharing, and teamwork simple”.

The requirement to upload assets more than once is eliminated with a centrally stored asset library. The same photos and videos are available for all campaigns. Performance Max, Discovery, App, Local, Display campaigns, select ad extensions, and this feature are all accessible.

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