5 Reasons Why the Samsung Galaxy S10 Is Better Than the iPhone XS Max

5 Reasons Why the Samsung Galaxy S10 Is Better Than the iPhone XS Max
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Samsung Galaxy S10 and iPhone XS Max are two powerful phones from two of the most popular mobile manufacturers. But when it comes to deciding between the two, which is better? Which one you choose most often depends on your individual preferences and needs. However, let's dive deeper into why considering a refurbished Samsung Galaxy S10 might be a good idea.

1. Cost.

The unlocked Samsung Galaxy S10 is cheaper than the iPhone XS Max – by a lot. With unlocked models of the S10, you can save hundreds of dollars and still get all the benefits of owning an unlocked phone. The unlocked Samsung Galaxy S10 offers excellent value for money compared to its Apple counterpart.

2. Battery life.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 has a much longer battery life than the iPhone XS Max. This means that you won't have to worry about running out of power throughout your day, something many users of the iPhone XS Max often experience.

3. Expandable Memory.

The unlocked Samsung Galaxy S10 allows for expandable memory via a MicroSD card slot. This makes it easy to add more storage space if needed. The iPhone XS Max does not have this feature, so you are stuck with the same amount of memory that came with it.

4. Camera Quality.

The unlocked Samsung Galaxy S10 has a superior camera to the iPhone XS Max, making it great for capturing photographs and videos. The unlocked S10 also has two rear cameras, giving you a much more comprehensive range of options for capturing images or videos.

5. Unlocked Capabilities.

With an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S10, you can use it with any wireless carrier you prefer rather than being locked into one specific provider, like the iPhone XS Max. This unlocked feature allows more flexibility for users to choose the service provider that works best for them.


In conclusion, choosing an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S10 over an iPhone XS Max is a great decision when you consider cost, battery life, expandable memory, camera quality, and unlocked capabilities. All these features make the unlocked S10 a great choice for anyone looking to save money while still getting a top-of-the-line device. If you're searching for the right unlocked phone, the Samsung Galaxy S10 is an excellent option! However, individual needs and preferences should still be considered when selecting the right one between the two. Phone Daddy offers diverse options of certified used phones at an affordable price, including Samsung Galaxy S10 and iPhone XS Max. Check out their website for more information.


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