5 Tech-Updates For Training Businesses

5 Tech-Updates For Training Businesses
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14 February 2023

Training businesses are thriving today because of improved technological updates.

These updates have transformed e-learning sites into responsive and interactive learning platforms.

Businesses can train their employees more efficiently and this will boost their growth.

The latest learning management systems combine features like data tracking and automation to provide an enhanced experience.

It is also possible to utilize these features on different devices like phones and tablets.

Let us take a look at some of these tech updates!

Data Tracking

Today training businesses are striving to create the most personalized learning experience with the help of data tracking.

With data analytics tools or plug-ins, training business sites can track their employees’ training progress.

This will help trainers understand where the employees fall short or need more help. This data will also help them figure out ways to improve their training programs effectively.

Many training businesses use learning management systems integrated with data analytics tools or trackers to monitor learner progress. Accurate training metrics are important for a proper progress analysis of the employee.


HTML5 is the latest version of HTML. E-learning platforms function better with an HTML5 output.

Training business sites use HTML5 for their training sites because it is responsive on almost all devices and browsers. 

A huge percentage of learners use their phones for learning. If a training business site isn’t responsive on a mobile device, it will be a huge setback for learners.

With HTML5 training sites can make their e-learning platforms more engaging, adaptive and responsive. Trainees can access both video and audio along with other interactive course content.

There are several HTML e-authoring tools you can use depending on the scale of your project, e-learning goals and business requirements.

Video Streaming

Video-based learning is still one of the most popular ways to learn because people can process videos much faster than text.

Businesses have started using training videos to make training sessions more interesting and less difficult to understand.

It is also cost-effective compared to the other modes of teaching.

Trainers can utilize streaming platforms or video conferencing tools. Business sites with learning management systems can use specific plug-ins to access the video streaming feature.

LMS video hosting has grown a lot over the past few years. The latest and best LMS platforms have video integrations for a more personalized training approach.

Virtual Classrooms

The introduction of virtual classrooms has allowed people to communicate and interact with their trainers in a virtual environment.

They integrate features like video conferencing, audio conferencing, interactive whiteboards and texting into one. Trainers and teachers can upload their videos to the cloud and these can be accessed by the learners.

Trainers can even monetize these virtual learning platforms. There are no geographical restrictions.

You can also choose from a variety of RTO resources and get access to high-standard learning materials depending on your field of interest.

These materials are customizable which makes it easy for both trainers and learners.


In e-learning, automation enables trainers to develop courses and training resources with the help of computer algorithms.

They can also modify course contents or make changes without any complicated processes.

With automation, trainers can monitor their employees, assess their performance and provide personalized feedback. This will enable them to learn at their own pace and choose learning options that are suitable for them.

Many e-learning platforms also have automatic quiz generation based on an employee’s assessments.


Although these tech updates may require time and investment in the beginning, they will help the business in the long run.

Consider talking to a professional about the changes you can make to your website.

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