7 Tips For Designing A Tobacco Shop

7 Tips For Designing A Tobacco Shop
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1. The Importance Of Product Display

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Suppose you think of a store as a person. Then, the store’s interior decoration, the shelves’ placement, and the display of the goods constitute the appearance of this person.

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If customers want to feel comfortable and relaxed after entering the store, the cleanliness and order in the store and the accessibility of goods can play a direct role in this.

Good product display is conducive to establishing store image; it is convenient for us to manage cigarettes and display essential products; it is convenient for customers to purchase products and stimulate consumption quickly. Pressed cigarettes and unpopular cigarettes can even use this method to increase exposure and open up sales. It is very beneficial to increase the sales of the store.

2. Key Points Of Container Design And Placement

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A. We generally choose to place the cigarette display counter in a prominent position in the store. When the storage area is limited, it is generally chosen to be placed near the cash register. It not only facilitates customers to quickly select the cigarettes they need but also acts as a reminder to consumers who need them.

B When conditions permit, tall display cabinets can be placed. The display cabinet can enhance the sense of depth by attaching a flat mirror and adding a light source. You can even add a beautiful and designed background light box to highlight the high-end and delicate samples.

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C. The display of low counters needs to take into account both aesthetics and practicality and highlight practicality. Try not to have blocking parts, and the overall lines are clean and smooth, which is convenient for customers to choose goods.

3. Classification Of Cigarette Counters

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A. Professional Tobacco Counter

It is generally a professional cigarette counter provided by tobacco companies to retailers. The number of such counters is small and difficult to move. It is easy to use after slight modification. Be careful not to place irrelevant items.

B. Flat Tobacco Counter

A typical glass counter where cigarette samples can be displayed flat. Counter specifications are not uniform. Choose according to your needs. This kind of counter is convenient for displaying and managing cigarette products. However, if the display of the goods is unreasonable, it is easy for customers to be confused, but it is not conducive to selection. It is more beneficial to keep the goods at a specific interval.

C. Vertical Tobacco Counter

Floor or closet display case. There are specific requirements for store space, and the rules and styles differ. Be careful not to be too far from the customer when using it. Avoid customers’ difficult selection due to distance problems.

4. Display Form Of Cigarettes

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A. Arranged Individually

Arrange cigarette products in order of price. Comparisons are made to regions where a single category of cigarettes is sold, such as rural retailers.

B. Duplex Arrangement

Arrange cigarettes in multiple rows. This pattern is the most common. It is used in areas with many cigarette categories.

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C. Exhibit Arrangement

The cigarette products are arranged in the main pattern according to the brand or type. This situation is not very common. It requires high storage space and requires operators to have certain marketing capabilities. Not applicable on a daily basis.

5. Display Order Of Single Pack Of Cigarette Samples

Generally speaking, the display of cigarette samples will be selected according to the store’s location, area, and financial situation, mainly in the following three situations.

A. Display According To The Selling Price

Cigarettes are listed in order of retail price. The cabinets of the same price are placed together so customers can choose different brands according to their budgets. Help customers make choices quickly.

B. Display By Manufacturer

Cigarettes of different brands and types are arranged according to the same manufacturer. It is beneficial to increase customers’ understanding of different brands, find more opportunities to communicate directly with customers and increase customer stickiness. It is also convenient to sell new cigarettes and unpopular cigarettes.

C. Centralized Display

Suppose you have a good understanding of the consumption habits of customers around you. In that case, you can focus on the central area of the best-selling cigarettes according to customer needs, thereby attracting more attention.

6. Display Modeling Of Single Pack Of Cigarette Samples

A. Product Font Display

Generally, they are placed from top to bottom in the order of three, six, and ten packs. This form of placement makes people feel stable and three-dimensional.

B. In-Line Display

Line up neatly according to the display order of your choice. It is more suitable for shops with small counters. Adhere to the principle of first-in, first out to avoid long-term loss of cigarettes.

C. Display Side By Side

Cigarettes of the same brand and specifications can be used, and three boxes are displayed in groups. Helps demonstrate inventory strength and attract customers. More suitable for sloping counters.

7. Notes On Cigarette Display

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A. The display height of cigarette samples is arranged according to the customer’s visual habits. Generally, the height from the waist to the eyes of the conventional height is the best, about 60 cm to 160 cm.

B. The displayed samples should be sufficient. Fill vacancies promptly. It is generally recommended to display more than four varieties in each row at the counter. The shelves display more than eight varieties in each row. Avoid monotony.

C. Do a good job cleaning the counter and replacing the old and discolored samples in time. Create a good buying environment.

D, clearly marked price. The price tag is clear and easy to read. Standardized management can make customers feel your sincerity and generate a sense of trust. It also facilitates the management of store sales.

E. Do not put the cigarettes of the same color with the outer packaging together during the display, which is very unfavorable for customers to quickly purchase. It is also prone to the misunderstanding that the price of adjacent cigarettes is the same.

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