8 Biggest Blockchain Trends to Follow in 2022

8 Biggest Blockchain Trends to Follow in 2022
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10 August 2022

Global investors and admirers have made the blockchain industry lucrative and powerful with $6.6 Billion in investments. Also, the data collected in a report forecasts blockchain growth of 56% by the end of this decade.

Though we are talking about the data collected in 2021, there are still many more investors and admirers who are going to dive into the blockchain ocean this year, that's for sure!

Blockchain development and the prowess of blockchain technology are already taking over industries like Healthcare, Medicine, manufacturing, Supply Chain, etc. Also, in providing top-notch security, data integrity, and support, blockchain also is getting used in the Military and Government sector. And, with the help of blockchain app development services, the journey to the blockchain isn't that tough.

All of these achievements will get back to square one unless people get conscious and knowledgeable about blockchain technology. Although people are getting familiar with blockchain, let us contribute to increasing blockchain awareness and knowledge. So, tight your seatbelt, and let us drive!

Why Blockchain is Getting So Much Hype

All the benefits of the blockchain industry are essential for the finance and banking sector; it's like discovering a pond within a vast desert. The unique data storage methods used in the blockchain is also helpful for bookkeeping, ledger creation, and maintaining and managing minuscule transaction and information recording. 

Also, the reason blockchain got blasted for the achievements it collected under reconstructing the enterprise technology solutions. Today, market leaders are using blockchain in many ways, like getting smart with blockchain-based solutions like Smart Contracts, dApps, Hyper Ledgers, and other technologies. Also, blockchain is one of the 'trustless' networks available here, where trust issues can hardly happen.

Indeed Public blockchain solutions are facing problems due to interoperability and scalability problems; that day isn't far when these blockchains will get past.  

So, let's get further by seeding into the main topic we've raised, teaching you about the latest trends in the blockchain market to follow. 

1. BaaS Project

BaaS, alias Blockchain as a Service, provides a spectrum of cloud-based blockchain services, where the user can facilitate blockchain-based Smart Contracts, dApps, or any applications based on the blockchain without any infrastructure. 

Giants like Amazon and Microsoft are invested in the implementation of BaaS projects. 

2. Blockchain in Retail 

With the tremendous amount of boost the retail industry is about to get, it's very obvious that a technology like a blockchain is taking place in retail business processes. 

Due to the prevalence of criminal and illicit activities, the supply chain management sector has faced enough problems in recent years. Sending money as a sender and collecting that money on the authority side has faced many unfair issues; consequently, confusion and business losses occur most often. Also, the inventory management cycle also got problematic due to the confusing activities in outgoings between supplier, retailer, and manufacturer.

In the upcoming decades, the retailing industry is going to boom with blockchain solutions, and definitely, we've got our next trend. 

3. Real Estate in Blockchain

The usage of blockchain technologies in real estate is currently under construction and testing. But, the benefits and the bounce it will offer are open to watching. 

Firstly, Real Estate is an asset that takes ample time to transfer and get money through it; that's why it's called a non-liquid asset. Blockchain-based tokenization feature will liquidate the Real Estate properties by making their unique digital existence, so it will become easier to transfer and save cost.

Also, Real Estate transactions and working processes can be easily trackable with the help of blockchain-based solutions. Investor identification and selection, property management, data transparency, and automation all of these features are going to become a trend in the blockchain world. 

4. Hybrid Solutions

The most accurate and perfect solution in the blockchain world is going to occur from private and public blockchain amalgamation, Hybrid Solutions. This type of blockchain tries to utilize the ideal and accurate solutions of both private and public blockchains. Thus, it is hardly prone to any bad experiences unfollowing blockchain prowess. 

The implementation of a hybrid blockchain works by creating hashed code blocks from a private network and storing it in a public blockchain. It helps in processing faster transactions while reducing the associated costs with it. 

5. Healthcare Plus

Blockchain technology is aiding the spectrum of healthcare by providing data protection and integrity. Data protection and data integrity are one of the most sensitive factors within the healthcare industry, where human philanthropy is concerned. By rolling the cycle of time, blockchain usage will skyrocket for healthcare purposes. 

Also, the supply chain advantage of blockchain-based solutions is clearly effective in dealing with drug and medical supply chain issues. By implementing blockchain, medicine users, suppliers, and the logistics sector will get replenishment. 

6. Crypto as the central currency

By altering the traditional way of physical money and finance systems, the next blockchain trend is about the adoption of digital currencies as the central and legal way to pay. 

Central governments or the central banks of different countries are thinking of adapting blockchain-based digital currencies as their central currency, along with fiat or physical currencies. This adaptation will benefit people by moving to the blockchain arena and reduce the wastage of physical money simply by getting saggy or turned.  

According to a recent report, few developing countries like India, Nigeria, and The Bahamas, and big countries like russia and Sweden have accepted CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency). 

A few reasons behind adapting CBDCs are cost-effectiveness; they are more cost-effective than physical money. Also, CBDC supports lower transaction fees and may lead to financial inclusion. 

7. Banking and Financial Prevalence

With a significant number of positive sides, blockchain prevalence in the banking and financial industry will boom in these few upcoming years. According to experts, blockchain technologies can be used as customer experience, trust, and loyalty enhancers. Also one other great advantage is human error avoidance. Human errors in any sector and any work can cause a significant amount of problems; banking is not out of this. With blockchain-based solutions, it is possible to work without any mistakes. 

Blockchain app development companies all around the world are providing banking and finance specialized blockchain app development services to help banks and financial institutions. 

8. Social Networking

Implementing blockchain in social networking is another emerging trend in 2022. Since there will be more than 5 billion users of social networking, it's essential to implement the blockchain benefits in the social networking spectrum. By implementing blockchain networks with social networks, content authenticity, data control, and privacy issues can be omitted and rectified. 


Having a clear understanding of the current blockchain trends, the users can get immense benefits from blockchain technology. Investors can find their new stock picks, enthusiasts can learn something new, and blockchain beginners can figure out how they will figure out their careers. Moreover, the benefits of blockchain technology are all set to have a far-reaching impact on a range of industries. So, we need to wait and see what the future has in store for blockchain. 

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