A Few Things to Consider Before Building ADUs in San Diego

A Few Things to Consider Before Building ADUs in San Diego
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21 November 2022

The ADU or Accessory Dwelling Unit has several names. It may refer to an in-law suite, granny flat, or backyard cottage. ADUs are virtually small dwellings to put on rentals to families at prices lower than present market rates. While a San Diego ADU can offer a realistic source of income, there are a few obstacles. You need to tackle those hassles before you can build one.

Here are five most essential aspects to remember before you begin:

  1. Check the Property Development Standards

You need to review the local property development guidelines. You must be aware of the unit's eligibility criteria under regional requirements. For instance, you should know the density of ADUs permitted for a property in a particular region. Your San Diego ADU must comply with certain density restrictions.

The ADU's height may have reached a maximum in some locations, and you will need to stay inside those bindings. It might also be necessary to limit access to more than one utility service or establish a unit at a specified distance from the property line. To find out more, you may contact your local statutory representatives.

  1. Vehicle Parking

You could be required to offer off-street parking provisions for your ADU in your location in San Diego. Your residence might be adjacent to a public transportation hub or is located in a place carrying historical heritage. In that case, you might not need to bother about parking your vehicle. You should consult local authorities to find out if you need to create a parking place for the upcoming ADU since local ordinances will differ from place to place.

  1. Entry to the ADU

You must make sure that your San Diego ADU is simple to access. People residing in the unit must be able to approach the leading street safely. You might require a walkway to get from the apartment to the street. Further, the area leading to the unit between your house and the property line needs to be clutter-free.

  1. Privacy Issues

You need to address privacy concerns when planning an ADU addition. Everything will hinge on who stays there. For instance, you might not require as much privacy if your aging parents have been put up there. However, you should confirm that they have total privacy if you are planning to rent a portion of the apartment to outsiders.

Since a stranger will be residing in your backyard, you must take precautions to keep the mutual activities confidential. You might need to put up privacy screens like fencing, herbs, plants, trees, and high-quality window blinds across the building.

  1. The Conditions of the Project Site

You should know the project site conditions where the unit will be developed. The backyard may be level or sloping. There might be places where rainwater collects. Considering the site conditions will help you save money since otherwise you need to adjust a few elements.

For instance, if you build your ADU on loose soil, the building's structure will get damaged when it settles. The soil will need to be replaced if it has already been dug and filled. You must fix any drainage problems in your backyard before installing a new in-law suite.  When the guests occupy the place, the collection of standing water nearby may create an awkward position for and your family members.


ADU construction may be a wise investment. There are many factors to take into account when building one. Before anything else, you need to confirm that the unit will integrate into your San Diego property. Concerning the property's layout and construction, you should consult experts like EX Remodeling. Once you have a sound strategy in place with the support of your remodeler, you may start building your dream project.

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