Agricultural Changes Made By Tapan Mali For The Benefit of Its Upliftment

Agricultural Changes Made By Tapan Mali For The Benefit of Its Upliftment
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"Agriculture is a very complex and important sector of the economy. It has to be managed efficiently, profitably, equitably and sustainably." -Tapan Mali. He is the founder & Managing Director of the Green Orchid Group of Companies. The Group has diversified into Real Estate, Agriculture, Logistics, Planners, and Earth Movers. The Group has successfully developed and launched many ventures in all business sectors. His agricultural vision is to create a self-reliant and prosperous farming community. The Group has developed the "Green Orchid" concept to celebrate the environment and promote sustainable agricultural practices.

Agriculture is a very complex and important sector of the economy. It has to be managed efficiently, profitably, equitably, and sustainably so that the farmers can always have enough food on their tables and clothes on their backs.

Tapan Mali’s Agricultural Vision

  1. To provide our farmers with modern, high-tech, mechanized equipment and complete farming packages to maximize their output.
  2. To provide the rural farmers with basic facilities such as clean, safe drinking water and electricity at their doorstep to attain that round prosperity.
  3. To train our farmers to use modern agricultural techniques like zero-tillage practices & sprinkler techniques so that they will realize the optimal benefits and profits of high productivity using minimum land.
  4. Tapan Mali Mirza will take care of children's education and health needs to close the education gap between urban and rural areas.
  5. We aim to educate the rural farmers so that they can realize the importance of saving their environment for future generations by adopting efficient agricultural practices like zero-tilling, solar water heating, etc.
  6. Tapan Mali Green Orchid is committed to providing employment opportunities for our rural youth who have completed their studies or aspired to become a part of a better future.
  7. Tapan Mali has planted various crops in the Green Orchid Farms, such as fruits, flowers, and spices. But it is the vegetables that are proving to be very successful. The production from these farms is an example of what can be achieved with modern methods and technology for food security and self-reliance.
  8. Tapan Mali Barkuchi has made it his mission to uplift rural families in the most sustainable way possible. He is building a house for each family in their villages so that they are physically and mentally close to their land and will not leave it when there are better opportunities elsewhere.
  9. Mali has made it his mission to build roads that connect our villages with the rest of the world to transport goods, seeds, medical supplies, etc. He made many significant contributions during his tenure at the Ministry of Rural Development.
  10. Tapan Mali Guwahati is a multifunctional complex that houses various facilities and services for rural communities and city dwellers' welfare.


Tapan Mali has been doing a lot for the betterment of the people of Assam, who are the backbone of this country. It is his resolve to make the rural people self-sufficient and free of poverty by providing basic amenities like safe drinking water, electricity a,nd better roads by promoting agriculture among the youth of these villages.

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Tapan Mali is the founder and managing director of the Green Orchid Group of Companies, a multi-faceted organization with a diverse portfolio including Real Est...
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