Tapan Mali And His Urge To Grow in The Field of Agriculture

Tapan Mali And His Urge To Grow in The Field of Agriculture
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Tapan is an agriculturalist who has been in the field for over two decades. He has been dedicated to improving his knowledge and acquiring skills necessary for sustainable agriculture. Tapan Mali is a passionate agriculturalist, and his passion reflects in what he does. He is one of the leading figures in various organizations that deal with agriculture across the globe. "Growing and learning is a continuous process," Mali says.

According to Tapan, it can be not easy at times to maintain such a high level of energy while working in agriculture, but he has found ways not to let that get him down.

Tapan Mali's Vision Towards Real Estate

  1. Investing in real estate is an integral part of an investment portfolio, as real estate tends to preserve and grow one's capital over time. Tapan Mali Green Orchid Group is an established real estate development company in the country that strives to redefine urban living through its visionary, benchmark projects.
  2. Real estate provides a platform for investment, especially in the current scenario where profits on other avenues are decreasing. Real estate is an asset class that is appreciated. For example, the house you live in today is worth much more than five years ago. It also provides a great hedge against inflation as people tend to move to the cities to earn their living, leading to higher demand for real estate.
  3. Land is one of the only assets that can be appreciated indefinitely. One can always build upon it or do something else with it; real estate is a long-term investment. It is also an asset that can be passed down for generations.
  4. Real estate investments are liquid because it is easy to sell them off when buyers are interested in purchasing real estate. That is especially true for high-end properties which get sold quickly. Tapan Mali Mirza has a team of professional consultants who inspect the market and find interested buyers for its real estate projects.
  5. It is not just about buying real estate that appreciates; it is also about buying real estate that provides rental income. If you choose the right kind of property, you can get rental income out of it every month.
  6. Tapan Mali Barkuchi has converted its real estate into rental income. Property owners have been able to do the same. When they do not have their tenants in the property, they can move out and get it rented every month by subletting space.
  7. Real estate is a long-term investment. It can provide regular income, be a profitable investment, and be used as an effective way to safeguard your assets. Tapan Mali Guwahati company guarantees such returns in the long run.


Tapan Mali Guwahati aims to expand its real estate portfolio by acquiring as much land as possible in a safe and secure process. He is doing so by investing in the long-term prospects of his customers and investors.

Tapan is also making a name for itself through its real estate portfolio and the various social works it undertakes, including healthcare and education.

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Tapan Mali is the founder and managing director of the Green Orchid Group of Companies, a multi-faceted organization with a diverse portfolio including Real Est...
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