AI Tools at Casinos: How Will Casinos Defend Themselves from AI-Enhanced Betting?

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17 May 2023

The world was recently shocked – while some were also laughing – when Elon Musk and other names ‘asked’ the professionals of AI to hold their horses.

The commercial reasons behind the ‘concern’ of Elon were questioned. But some credit must be given after the CEO of Google mentioned that Bard ‘learned’ Bengali on its own. People, especially from the West, take years, sometimes a lifetime to incompletely grasp Eastern languages.

That’s correct: Bard learned Bengali without ‘enough prompts’ to justify the learning. They’re not quite sure how it did it. So how easy, let’s say, for GPT 4 and equivalents like Bard, will learn to play chess, or poker, or blackjack?

The math behind these games has been mastered a long time ago. But the decision-making, and the understanding of patterns of other players, as well as stuff like reading facial expressions, that complicates things a bit, especially considering, for example, how the stakes can be high at high rollers VIP rooms of prestigious casinos.

Is the era of betting hundreds of millions of dollars just for fun gone? Will the tech kill it? If you check the trending casino games of online casinos which can be found here, you’ll see pretty much the old games: poker, roulette, slots. All in new, fresh incarnations, but the same kinds of games from the past.

There already are stories of Russian hackers cracking the system behind very modern, 4k screen Vegas slots. All by using an iPhone and a connection to a ‘headquarters’ in Russia processing the screen motion in real-time.

It took the game manufacturer a few weeks – and quite some bucks – to discover what was going on. 

Future Casino Security: Fighting Tech… by Going Offline?

It’s not unthinkable to imagine a future of land-based casinos where cell phones will not be allowed. Will this somehow increase the fun by making people more present at the moment? Isn’t it ironic that the incredible development of technology is somehow making people… Thinking about valuing more the offline world?

For now, these are just speculations. And what about the iGaming world?

Timers? Cameras? Motion Sensors? Software? What Could Make Online Gambling Clean in The Future?

If we think, for example, about poker rooms, then live cameras may help to make sure that the player is human. But how to prevent the use of bots that can read the next movement of players or the patterns of a slot?

As of 2023, online casinos already are using cutting-edge GPS tech to make sure that the users are based where they claim to be, and that is especially true in the US. Each state has different regulations about online gambling, but the future tech will most likely have to go a lot further than making sure that the player is… where they claim to be.

Making sure that it’s a case of human VS human is a concern, especially for card games. And what about betting against the casino like when playing blackjack? Historically, things get complicated when the house feels like there’s an unfair thing going on. Will players of casinos have to sign binding documents before visiting online and offline casinos and promise they won’t exploit fellow gamblers and the house with… tech? More questions than answers are in the air right now. The future is very exciting around new tech as of 2023, but many points need to be considered, let’s say, to protect the sustainability of real money wagering at online and offline casinos.

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