How is AI Being Utilized Throughout the Online Casino Industry?

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02 November 2022

The online casino industry has always been on the pulse when it comes to technological advances and every time there’s a new major development, it gets integrated across the board. The latest revelation is artificial intelligence, a concept that’s likely to have a seismic impact in the future. Machines have advanced greatly over the last few decades, and now AI is helping improve the online casino experience too. There’s plenty of scope for expansion.

Strategic Games Can be Practiced with AI

There are numerous ways that players can already use AI to their advantage to assist them in playing games. For example, when playing blackjack online, there are strategies and optimal ways of playing that people need to know about. This is the case regardless of the strain you’re playing, from Super Stakes Blackjack to Multihand Blackjack. Most players will consult with hand value charts to help them make decisions, and these have been devised by expert players over the years. However, now AI could be offering an even better way to master card games like blackjack.

Ever since Deep Blue managed to beat Garry Kasparov at chess in 1997, it has been clear that AI will be able to come up with strategies and solutions that humans can’t conceive of. Now, technology has advanced further and there are chess-playing machines that even the best players in the world wouldn’t have a chance against. Some machines have taken to card games and set about working out the best formulas to win at them as well.

Deep Blue beats Garry Kasparov.

An incredible example of AI deciphering card games was when Pluribus managed to beat some of the planet’s best poker players in a multi-hand tournament. Despite there being countless unknown factors that affect a poker hand, the machine still managed to learn the optimal way of playing. Neural nets can now play blackjack too, and they have mastered it using the same deep learning concept that was applied to chess and poker.

By observing how AI acts in blackjack situations, players can get an insight into how they can improve their tactics. One of the key differences between AI and humans is that the machine doesn’t have any biases and doesn’t worry about possible eventualities. It simply sticks to the optimal game plan. An example of this is players’ reluctance to hit on hands like 16 because of there being a high chance of busting. AI will most often hit on this hand regardless of the dealer’s upcard because it knows that standing will result in a low chance of winning.

AI is Being Successfully Adopted by Other Online Industries

From the perspective of the online casinos themselves, there are various ways that AI is being incorporated to improve the player experience. One of the main ways is through mass data collection, which can then be used to improve algorithms. These can provide vital information about which games are preferred by which types of players, allowing operators to then create tailored experiences for the different people that visit their sites. This use of artificial intelligence has been witnessed throughout other areas of entertainment already as well, and it is only set to get better in the future.

Online streaming platforms are the best place to find AI in place and working well. Netflix famously has an algorithm that’s based on a vast range of data. It records viewers’ habits including how long they watched something, how many times they paused it, what their watch history is, and many other factors. It can also gather data from other sources if the accounts are linked to search engines and can sometimes consider internet browsing behavior. All the knowledge at the algorithm’s disposal is combined and then used to put viewers in touch with the movies and TV shows that they are most likely to watch, based on data from millions of other users around the world.

Spotify is another entertainment service with an incredibly complex algorithm that becomes more advanced over time. The more you listen on the platform, the more the AI knows about your preferences. It then cross-references your listening habits with all the other users that have subscribed to the service and makes recommendations based on songs that they enjoyed as well. This means that listeners can be put in touch with new music that they like in their daily playlists that they wouldn't have searched for before.

An explanation of how the Spotify algorithm works.

Technology Set to Improve in the Years Ahead

For many, the growing influence of AI in the mainstream is daunting. After all, science fiction movies have often taught us to be wary of this technology as it could get out of hand. Elon Musk famously said that messing with AI was like summoning the devil. There are many benefits to the technology and it may be essential for the future of humanity. That’s why AI is being slowly integrated throughout mainstream culture, to get people accustomed to it before it moves on to bigger and better things.

There’s no doubt that in the next few decades, the possibilities for AI will outdo anything that people can imagine now. If machines can be programmed to learn chess, poker, and blackjack, they can learn how to do other things, such as make new computers. When AI starts making other AI platforms, it will come up with innovative ideas that people may not have thought of. This will be the case in almost every industry. AI could change the world in that it may discover the answers to problems that humans hadn’t come up with yet, such as how to make the planet more sustainable.

AI is one of the most exciting developments in the history of technology, but it will take some time for people to trust it. That’s why mainstream sectors like the online casino industry need to show the world its advantages first. In a few years, there will be a global acceptance of AI, meaning it will be poised to go on and change the world.

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