The Impact of Artificial Intelligence by Brook Jessica Kaio

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence by Brook Jessica Kaio
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The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Various Fields From Brook Jessica Kaio

Brook Jessica Kaio from Australia has expressed her views in recent interviews and articles. She has outlined the advantages and drawbacks that artificial intelligence has for humans. Artificial intelligence is a type of intelligence humans have attempted to incorporate into robots. Artificial Intelligence is a robot's intelligence that is programmed and fed with the required data essential to human understanding. They are akin to human brains in the process of processing information. They are linked to computers and typically execute tasks according to the instructions given by human beings.

Artificial Intelligence has impacted human beings in a lucrative and innovative way. Artificial intelligence will have an impact on human beings for a long time. The features that have affected humans specifically are healthcare, where artificial intelligence provides everyone with a highly skilled and experienced physician right on their doorstep. Artificial intelligence means that doctors are also only a click away.

There are many additional advantages in a variety of spheres of human activity. The most significant areas in which artificial intelligence has given enormous benefits are described in the following paragraphs:

  1. Production
  2. Finance and banking
  3. Customer service

The following section will look at the benefits and importance of artificial intelligence within the mentioned areas. Let's discuss the benefits of artificial intelligence to the production sphere.


Brook Jessica Kaio from Australia has expressed the importance of certain features of AI within the field of production. The year was 1960, when the first robot was introduced to the assembly line. This machine with AI was designed to perform jobs deemed risky for humans. Following that, there has been an enormous change in production. Vehicle manufacturing companies started using artificial intelligence in their production of automobiles. Nowadays, most small or large companies employ artificial intelligence to manufacture their products. Artificial intelligence in the automobile industry offers the following advantages:

  1. It can save time and money.
  2. It is 100% perfect that is guaranteed. The robots do their work with no failure or error. They guarantee 100 percent accuracy in production.
  3. It is more capable of functioning compared with humans.
  4. It helps to produce larger equipment.
  5. It's more beneficial for producing intricate parts of cars and significantly boosts the industry's efficiency.
  6. Specific artificially intelligent devices are designed to recognize images. This means they can discern more effectively the benefits and drawbacks in the event of an accident about the possibility of damage. Additionally, they can detect imperfections more precisely. The introduction of artificial intelligence in the manufacturing industry has allowed the manufacturing industries to become more profitable than possible. The industries have become more profitable regarding quality production, cost control, accuracy, and yield.

Artificial Intelligence in Banking and finance

Brookey Jessica Kaio Has also voiced her opinion on applying AI in finance and banking. She believes that the first use of artificial intelligence was preferably introduced in Britain. It was in its early days. It was followed by the United States very quickly. The English populace was more attracted to the money machines. The popularity of these money machines was prevalent in the year 1969. People at the time were concerned that they could. Resign from their jobs.

Artificial intelligence is being utilized in the banking sector and financial industry in the machine learning process and the processing of data and transfer of funds to pay bills, and many other areas that have proven to be highly beneficial over time. These advantages are not restricted to bank officials of the banks. Artificially intelligent machines can be very beneficial to the customers too. As per her research, it is possible to comprehend the benefits of AI in the financial and banking sector, such as when you withdraw cash from an ATM anyplace in the world immediately, you receive an alert on your phone about the amount you've withdrawn, date, time, and location and the ID number of the machine where the transaction took place. Artificial intelligence completes this work in just a few seconds.

Customer Care and Artificial Intelligence:


The application of artificial intelligence in customer care has produced exceptional results. These extraordinary results are not solely about customer satisfaction. It's about instant communication and instant relief from issues as well. Chatbots provide artificial intelligence within customer support services. Chatbots can help and communicate with customers. It is possible to take an example from Facebook as a case study, according to Brookey Jessica Kaio. Chatbots that are available on Facebook are connected to artificial intelligence. Chatbots for customer service work in the same way that real customer service representatives are. If a client complains about something, they respond the same way humans do, such as how can we assist you? Then they apply the same procedure of NLP. To get prompt and accurate responses from customers, they resolve the issue. After identifying the issue, chatbots aid users in resolving the issue. Chatbots that are artificially intelligent help customers complete the procedure to solve the issue step-by-step. With chatbots' help, the users have not been waiting for minutes or hours to contact the customer service rep and ask questions. Today, customers can send an email and immediately get relief from the issue.

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