The Top Games in Online Casinos

The Top Games in Online Casinos
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04 May 2023

In recent years, online casinos have exponentially increased in popularity. This can largely be attributed to the rapid advancement of online technology and the ubiquity of smartphones, also resulting in a seemingly infinite selection of games to choose from as providers compete to satisfy each subjective taste. Each online casino accommodates a plethora of diverse games, which can be challenging to navigate. To assist you, this article presents an overview of the top online casino games available. 

Table Games

As the name suggests, table games include all games typically played at the casino table, including card and dice games. Table games are typically games of chance played against the casino and operated by live dealers. The most popular table games include the following:

  • Card Games

The most common card games at a casino encompass diverse versions of poker, baccarat and blackjack, with the choice of games dependent on the provider. Poker is the most favoured card game in casinos with multiple variations to select from, such as Texas Hold’ em, Three-Card Poker, Four-Card Poker and Stud Poker. 

  • Dice Games

Regardless of your interest in casino games, most people have heard of roulette. As one of the most iconic casino games, it is also the most popular and exciting dice game in online casinos. To win a roulette bet, participants must anticipate which number the dice will settle on after the dealer spins the wheel. Beyond traditional roulette, there are distinct variations of the game with slightly differing rules, including American, European, French and Video Roulette. Additional dice games include craps, hazard, Klondike Dice, Chuck-a-luck, Sic Bo and Banka Francesca. 

  • Live Dealer Games

Live dealer games facilitate online gaming played with human croupiers instead of a computer. These games are becoming more widespread for patrons who seek the same experiential elements of a physical casino, except in locations that the flexibility of a smartphone affords. Live dealer games occur in real time and often accommodate interaction between players to enhance the realistic nature of the experience. This is arguably one of the most exciting technological developments for the future, where AI and augmented reality (AR) are expanding and advancing the possibilities each year. 

Slots games

Slots are typically categorized as casino machine games and are perhaps the most favoured option in physical and online casinos. These games are very simplistic to engage in and are favourable for beginners. However, each slot machine requires a clear strategy for success, making it significantly more appealing to seasoned patrons as well as newcomers. Traditionally, slot machines involved inserting coins, pulling the bar, and working the machine to spin the symbols in a game of chance. In online casinos, slots differ in myriad ways. As technology has advanced, game providers can now produce exceptionally sophisticated and contemporary slots with a plethora of themes inspired by movies, books, games and music. Regardless of the theme, slots typically belong to three basic subcategories: classic slot games, progressive slots, and video slots.

  • Classic slot games

Classic slots games in online casinos consist of virtual versions of physical slot machines typically found in land-based casinos. Classic slots themes only vary minimally, typically featuring fruit, lucky 7s, golden bug, and other retro slot machine themes. Unlike other slots, classic games consist of 3-7 reels and are highly favoured among traditionalists due to their potential for more consistent success.  

  • Video slot games

Video slots are similar to classic slots, albeit with increased bonuses, unique features (including special symbols) and multiple paylines. Typically, video slots offer increased excitement than classic slots with breathtaking graphics and sound. Moreover, the themes offered by video slots is immense, with virtually any thinkable theme available to cater to each subjective taste. An additional yet vital difference between video and classic slots is the stake size - video slots generally encompass more paylines which means you can calibrate your stake size accordingly.

  • Progressive slot games

Progressive slots facilitate impressive jackpots and significant prizes, with a jackpot amount that increases each time the wheel spins. When the progressive jackpot is finally won, the jackpot amount for subsequent games is reset to a predetermined value and begins increasing once more. In recent years, many slot machines and video poker machines feature a progressive jackpot, with multiple machines linked together to form a larger progressive jackpot. Progressive slot games have grown exponentially in popularity in recent years due to their large jackpots and the necessity for careful strategic procedures amongst participants. 

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