Apple stats show 85% of iPhones iOS 14 Installed

Apple stats show 85% of iPhones iOS 14 Installed
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According to Apple's latest iOS adoption statistics, iOS 14 is now installed on 85% of all iPhones. According to the statistics, iOS 14 was installed on 90% of devices released in the last four years. On June 3rd, data was collected through monitoring App Store visits. Only 10% of iPhone customers with iPhones released in the previous four years are running an older version of Apple's in-house operating system, iOS, according to a report published by IANS.

Only 7% of all iPhones ever sold are running an older version of iOS.

According to AppleInsider, of the 10% of iPhone users who purchased their device during the previous four years, 8% are on iOS 13, and 2% are on an older version. It's interesting to note that Apple doesn't include all of its iPhones from the past on this list.

Apple has revealed that iOS 14 is currently installed on 85% of compatible iPhones. Only iPhone 6S and later are compatible with iOS 14. The iPhone 8 series was released in 2017, which is four years ago. Only 8% of iPhones from the iPhone 8 through the iPhone 12 released in 2020 are still running iOS 13. When all of Apple's iPhones are included in the mix, around 7% of users have an older iOS version running.

Apple Also Revealed iPadOS Stats

The iPadOS statistics show a similar picture, with the latest iPadOS 14 running on 91% of iPads released in the last four years. According to the data, 8% of customers still have iPadOS 13 installed on their devices. A previous iPadOS operating system update is used by a limited percentage of users (less than 1%).

Only iPad devices running iPadOS 14 were included in this analysis. When Apple counts and tracks all iPad models, the statistics show that iPadOS 14 is installed on 79% of them. 9% of the rest of Apple's tablets that the company tracked are running iPadOS 13, and 12% are running an even older version of Apple's tablet-specific operating system.

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