Are Hoverboards Safe?

Are Hoverboards Safe?
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Hoverboards are in the market for years now and became a massive hit in the mid of the last decade. Since then, we are being told about the pros and cons of this merchandise. Hoverboards are, no doubt, a rollercoaster of pleasure and are immensely popular with the kids and teenagers. Commuting will be a lot more comfortable and fun if you have a hoverboard at home.

Hoverboards are manufactured using a principle of a self-balancing two-wheeled vehicle. These balance boards are more like a cross between a skateboard and a segway, and a hoverboard segway has a lot in common minus the handles. Technological advancements, the use of high-end accelerometers, gyro meters, and robust parts have made them quite handy and easy to use, but there must be a lot of questions in your mind if you are new to the hoverboarding activity.

Are hoverboards safe? How do they function? They don't look very safe? What are the precautions?

If you are looking for the answers to all these questions, you have reached the right place. We are going to discuss them concisely further in the article.

How does a hoverboard function?

When you think of a hoverboard, either you think of the famous game "Subway Surfer" where the character is wandering all around the railway tracks on a hoverboard skateboard look-alike, or you have an image of an old fashioned manual skateboard in mind. These self-balancing scooters are way more fun to ride than a regular skateboard but obviously they cannot help you levitate like those fictional characters.

The mechanisms and general hoverboard theory are quite simple. If you want the hoverboard to move in forward direction after stepping on the board, lean forward, and for braking and reversing the board, leaning back is required. You will always be facing forward, and to move the board after mounting it, you will notice two footpads that are sensitive to applied pressure. They will help you control the speed, and by using the movements of your body and feet, you will be able to move the hoverboard in multiple directions as required.

All of this might sound tricky theoretically and could be a little difficult when you are a beginner. The hoverboard starts moving as soon as you step on it, so you will have to be careful always while mounting and getting off the board. These two moments are the trickiest. A little practice and patience will help you ride it safely, in a fun way in a few days only.

What is a safe hoverboard?

Let's address the elephant in the room now and talk about the safety of the hoverboards. Like any other vehicle, let alone a self-balancing one, there is always a chance of some unfortunate events, sometimes due to human error even with the best hoverboard, sometimes due to low-quality manufacturing materials and not adhering to the safety standards.

A global authority certifies a real hoverboard before launching it into the market, and you should always opt for brands with a good reputation in the market. Research and try to spot the bogus ones and never invest in them. The hoverboard at target here are the ones that may look fancy but lack in the quality section. Every hoverboard enthusiast must have read that news about a New York man filing a lawsuit after his hoverboard exploded while charging. Soon after, when hoverboards became popular, many companies started producing them with Low-quality materials and not getting them checked before throwing them in the market. Many of these low-quality hoverboard deals were equipped with cheap lithium batteries, and some battery explosion incidents were reported by the board owners, which led to an immediate ban on the sale of these hoverboards.

The Walmart hoverboard section was empty, Amazon was not listing any hoverboard related products, and the overall hoverboard reviews became negative. A new set of rules and legislation was introduced after these reported incidents. According to it, all hoverboards must undergo electrical and fire safety testing before selling them. After this UL 2272 certification, the hoverboard enthusiast's trust was restored, and the product was deemed much safer than before for leisure and mobility purposes. Before investing in a hoverboard, you must look for specific features and qualities to make sure you are making a safe hoverboard choice.

What to look for in a reliable hoverboard? ● Look for a UL Certification:

Always look for this certification before buying a hover. A real hoverboard that is safe to ride must have this certification, which means that all safety rules were followed when producing this specific product. Never ever buy a hoverboard without this, even if the hoverboard price is low compared to the other options available.

● Choose the right brand:

Most people think that every product they see in the hoverboard Walmart section is the same if they have the same feature. Some people might get carried away by the hoverboard Bluetooth option or a very shiny hoverboard seat. Our advice would be to avoid all these distractions and go for reputable brands other than jeopardizing your safety. These superior brands usually include the best features, and they ensure that safety is their top priority.

● Check the Reviews:

We can always make an informed decision about a product if we try to make a little effort before purchasing it. Thanks to online shopping and the reviews sections of these platforms where people tell us about their experiences about a particular product. Paid reviews are also a thing now, but you have to scan through the comments to find the real reviews. The sugarcoated reviews are frequently fake, dig more into the review section, and you'll quickly get an idea that the product is worth considering or not. Check for the hoverboard skateboard price, reviews, battery status, protection, and safety procedures. Evaluate every detailed information on different platforms before buying a product. You will be very stress-free that you have made the right decision, and all this effort will be worth it.

● Choose appropriate size and attachments:

Before buying a hoverboard electric skateboard, always look for choices according to your needs. Hoverboards are available in a variety of configurations and sizes with different weight limitations. If you consider yourself a beginner and your riding skills are only satisfactory, a hoverkart will be an appropriate choice for you in the early days. You can easily use your new hover skateboard for commuting by attaching a hoverkart to it. There are some great options available in the market, especially the hoverkart Argos store. Do have a look sometime. If you plan to buy it for your younger children, find an option with a hoverboard seat straps to ensure your child's safety during the ride.

What are the most trusted brands in the market?

Hoverboards have become immensely popular in the last decade, and there are tons of brands introducing new products now, and then. With all these options available, it is inherent to get confused. We will guide you about some of the most trusted brands in the hoverboard industry.

Swagtron is a leading manufacturer in the business and is very famous for its designs and safety. Swagtron hoverboard battery is considered the safest and of the best quality. You will never have to worry about a defective battery explosion. Their products are certified, affordable, and totally safe to use.

Talking about affordable hoverboard brands, it would be unfair not to mention the fantastic razor hoverboard price and the wide variety of products they offer in every range. If you are in the UK, you can explore the Razor hoverboard UK sales, which are very popular with the hoverboard users, and they always look forward to them. The products are excellent itself, and the razor hoverboard accessories are not less than any of their products. The batteries are safe, totally packed, and the razor hoverboard charger included with the package is of top-notch quality.

Lexus hoverboard and Omni Hoverboard are also some great options and worth considering when choosing a hoverboard brand.

If you are in the UK and looking for some great options, you can visit our online store. Our excellent wide range of hoverboard with hoverkart bundles, accessories, e-scooters and hoverboard kart will amaze you. Our products are reliable, safe, and we provide a friendly post-sale customer service. Our products are covered with a full 12 month warranty period, and you can always experience free delivery services in the UK mainland for every purchase of 40 pounds or more. The perks are great if you are shopping from us. Grab the opportunity as soon as possible.

Some Safety Precautions For A Safe Hoverboard Ride:

Riding a hoverboard is not always a danger, and if you overthink it, you will never be able to enjoy this fantastic product. We have listed down some essential safety precautions. Follow them and enjoy a carefree fun ride on your hoverboard.

● Practice Practice and Practice. It will make you ready to ride your hoverboard anywhere. Learn about posture, stepping on and off the board. Get familiar with the device’s functions and then hit the roads.

● Some cities have banned hoverboard riding on paved roads for the safety of the pedestrians. Always know the place where you are going to ride your hoverboard. Become a pro, and then you are ready to experiment in new places too.

● Charge your hoverboards in the day time, never charge them overnight to be extra safe. Always put your boards on charge in an open dry area and keep a fire extinguisher at home. These are the points that professionals recommend. Better safe than sorry.

● Use proper safety gear. Please spend a few more bucks and get yourself a helmet, knee and elbow pads and never be ashamed of wearing them. Believe me, you'll be more relaxed with them.

● Younger kids should always be supervised by an adult when they are using hoverboards.

● Do not try to perform tricks you see on the television or you tube. Most of these tricks are done by professionals with years of riding experience. Don't try these at home to keep your safety intact.

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