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25 November 2022

If the name of the hoverboard is not on the list of the smartphone, then you need to make sure that the second one has Bluetooth function and that it is working when the connection is established. Synchronization problems often occur if the smartphone's firmware is outdated. In this kind of situation, you should update your phone to the latest version and try the connection again.

It is important to take into account that communication is carried out only over short distances. The standard is 25-45 cm, assuming that the phone is in the hands of the owner standing on the hoverboard.

What if there is no sound?

 When connecting for the first time, the sound may not be displayed due to a setting failure. If the speakers stopped working after some time, and the settings are in order, then the following are possible: Bluetooth malfunction, clogging of the speakers, moisture getting inside the hoverboard, or damaged wires.

In this case, you should contact a professional service center, where after consulting and repairing the hoverboard, the audio system will be checked for full functionality. Starting to repair the hoverboard yourself is not a good idea because it can further worsen the condition of the device.

Models and manufacturers

They are intended for adult users, but not for children. Such hoverboards include 8-, 10- and 10.5-inch ones, because only similar models have Bluetooth for connecting to a phone, Zaxboard is considered the most recognized brand of this segment among the listed types.

Speaking of the most popular models in Birmingham UK, it is worth mentioning Smart Balance. It is popular because it has a high quality, beautiful and unique design, as well as a fairly low price (compared to other similar gadgets). Such a hoverboard can hold both one and several adults. This is explained by the fact that the weight limit reaches the mark of 130 kg.

The electric motor is a separate merit of this model. Additional functions that bring pleasure are the backlight, as well as the presence of Bluetooth,


It is important to take into account that first, you need to choose a suitable mini-segway that will have the function of playing music. It is only worth remembering its rather high price, as well as the fact that the use of the Bluetooth function quickly discharges both devices (smartphone and hoverboard). But these minor flaws will not overshadow the admiring glances of passers-by and the positive emotional uplift of the one under whose glowing wheels a soulful track sounds.

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