Seven top things to do with hoverboards

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Hopping and riding on top of a hoverboard is the new trend. It came about two decades ago. It is a trend that has lasted very long. It is still in fashion and it does not seem like it will go out of the trend anytime soon.

Have you recently bought yourself a new Segway hoverboard? Or perhaps you have bought one for a relative or for your child. Or maybe you are just reading this out of curiosity to learn more about hoverboards in general. It does not matter, whatever the case it might be.


Today you are going to learn about the top seven things that you must do with your hoverboard. It is very important to know everything that you can do with a new gadget that you bought. If you want to get the most out of something, then it is crucial to understand how a thing works. Having knowledge and understanding about something that you own or are interested in buying, never hurts!


So keep on reading and check out the top most things that you must do with your hoverboard or as we might call it, a Segway.


Top 7 things that you can do with your new hoverboard

  • Take Breaks and Give Breaks

Now you must be wondering what this phrase "take breaks and give break" means. Do not worry because we have got you. It means that hoverboards are small mini scooters. They are not like extremely powerful machines and vehicles. It is very easy for hoverboards to heat up. Especially during the summer season. It is not safe to drive or ride on a heated up hoverboard due to many reasons. Those reasons can be:

  • You hoverboard's battery can heat up and this can result in exploding.
  • Hoverboard battery heat up can result in a fire.
  • It can be dangerous for your well-being.
  • You hoverboard might stop working permanently if you use it too much.
  • You hoverboard can get damaged.

So what should you do?

You should let your hoverboard cool down fully before you try to put it on charging or using it. This way you will be able to manage your hoverboard and its battery in a good way. It sure is very important to buy very good quality of hoverboards made with good metals and premium material. But what is even more important is the fact that everything will go to a waste you do do not know how to do the maintenance of your hoverboard properly.


  • Keep an eye on the battery and the battery life of your hoverboard

Whenever you are about to go outside and have a ride on your cool new hoverboard, always make sure that it is charged fully. If it is not fully charged then it will damage the battery. One more thing that you should know to always keep in your mind is that always plug out the charged on time and do not overcharge your hoverboard or segway battery. Doing this can cause huge damage to the battery of your hoverboard and it can even burn or catch fire!


  • Clean and neatness

You always have to make sure that you always clean the tires of your hoverboard. You should always do this after you come back from a ride outside on the road. This way no dirt or other junk will get caught in the wheels of your hoverboard. If a lot of junk gets collected inside the wheels of your brand new segway then it might stop working properly.

  • Storage

you should have a look at what place you are storing your hoverboard in. If you do not need to use your segway for a long period of time and want to store it, then you should store it in a cool and dry place always. This way your hoverboard will not heat up and extra moisture will not get inside the battery of your hoverboard. The temperate of the place matters a lot. 


  • Expertise

If you end up breaking your hoverboard, then never attempt to open up its screws and fix it all by yourself. Always consult an expert on this matter.


  • Have a look at the pedals of your segway from time to time

If one day you ride your hoverboard but it is not coming in a stable position, then it is an indicator that the pedals of your hoverboard are loose. Then in this case you will have to go to an expert.


  • Instruction manual

Always read the instruction manual and use your hoverboard for the things it is meant to be used for!

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