BMR Calculator: Different Formulas to calculate BMR and Calculation using the BME calculator

BMR Calculator: Different Formulas to calculate BMR and Calculation using the BME calculator
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What formulas are used to Calculate the BMR? BMR Calculator helps estimate a person's BMR value per activity level. However, before the Calculator, some formulas were used to determine the values of BMR.

The following are the formulas.

Harris-Benedict Formula.

It is the widely used formula to calculate the BMR of a person. It depends on the energy level of an individual. However, it is important to note that it needs to be more accurate.

The revised formula js

For Males: 88.362 + (13.397 x body Weight [kg]) + (4.799 x Height of indivual [cm]) - (5.677 x Age of Indivual)

For Females: 447.593 + (9.247 x Weight of Indivual[kg]) + (3.098 x Height of individual [cm]) - (4.33 x Age of Indivual)

The second formula is Mifflin-St Jeor's. 

The American diet Association compared it with Henry Benedict Formula. As per their conclusion, this is the most accurate equation for BMR.

For Males: (9.99 x body Weight ] + (6.25 x Height of individual ) - (4.92 x Age.

of individual) + 5

Females: (9.99 x body Weight) + (6.25 x Height Of individua) - (4.92 x Age of individual) - 161


It uses body mass to calculate a person's metabolic rate in a resting state. If the body mass is known, the formula 

1 - Body Fat Percentage / 100) x Weight.

It can be used to calculate the BMR.

The other is the Schofield formula. WHO uses it. There was an inappropriate number of data as per the subjects, which scattered the BMR values. So it jumped the results for various communities.

How to use the BMR Calculator?

BMR Calculator is Basal Metabolic Ratw Cakcukator calculates changes happening in a body even while the body is at rest.

Understanding the Basal Metabolic Rate can help you update an individual's required calories.

It can be done by using the BMR Calculator.

Add the inputs into the Calculator, giving you the BMR. However, it is important to note that it is not an accurate BMR value. BMR Calculator will help you understand the calories your body requires to function normally. In the BMR Calculator, follow the steps.

  • First, add your weight to the BMR Calculator.
  • Then in the second section, add the Height. 
  • Now next, add your age.
  • The last option requires you to input your gender. The BMR of males and women differ. The Calculator uses the required formula to calculate the BMR.
  • Now you will get the results. However, the formula or online calculator needs to give a proper calculation or accurate value of BMR. 

In case of any fitness goal or if you need the BMR value, you can visit a nutrition expert or fitness expert. One can opt for a Calorimeter to check the accuracy. It is available with the doctors.

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