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BOE's Intelligent Sensor Solutions Help Smart Rail Transit

kate kate 18 December 2021
BOE's Intelligent Sensor Solutions Help Smart Rail Transit

In December, the 2021 2nd China International Rail Transit and Equipment Manufacturing Industry Expo opened grandly in Zhuzhou, Hunan.


As a global Internet of Things innovative company, BOE exhibited a series of smart transportation solutions. Liu Feng, BOE's senior vice president and CEO of Sensors and Solutions, was invited to attend the conference's keynote forum and deliver a keynote speech.


Liu Feng said that BOE will deeply integrate the display industry resources and professional capabilities with the Internet of Things industry, focusing on the direction of photoelectric sensing, and providing global users with leading intelligent sensor solutions to help smart rail transit.

At the exhibition site, BOE's smart dimming window and dazzling window solutions attracted the audience to stop and watch the experience.


Another black technology product-BOE 49-inch transparent OLED strip screen has also become the "eye-catching" star of this exhibition. This strip-shaped screen with a transparent display function can be mounted on the upper part of the subway window to display a series of information such as train operation information, rail transit transfer information, emergency service information, and weather to passengers.


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