Breakfast Topic What do you do on Tuesdays during Maintenance?

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Many WoW players have full-time jobs or attend school full-time. However there are others who work remotely, who are home parents or have a rotating schedule that allows them to take Tuesdays off. Except for patch days, everyone is aware that you'll be logged off at 5 a.m. regardless of whether or not you are prepared. For those living located on the east coast like me, that usually means my morning and part of my afternoon.

What should you do when Tuesday maintenance is scheduled? If I know I'll be home during Tuesday maintenance, I'll plan on spending the first half of the day cleaning the house and doing any tasks. My routine doesn't drastically change when Tuesday rolls around, aside from getting a few things accomplished. Three dogs with high strung temperaments mean lots of walking, throwing squeaky toys and attacking the carpets with the Dyson vacuum. If I come across a film that I've been wanting to watch for a while, once the dogs are gone, I'll pick it up and go. I treat the servers as being my personal break and take the time to attend to my real-world obligations.

If Tuesday maintenance is scheduled for the day, do you plan your day around it? What do you do while the servers are down?

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