Bitcoin Trace

Bitcoin Trace
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CNC Intel: The Last Hope For Retrieving The Bitcoins

The last decade has seen the sudden introduction and appreciation of digital currencies. The speed and value of bitcoin reached the sky. People started investing blindly in the bitcoin market and the disaster happens.

Anyone never had an idea that online or digital currency can be a gateway to online frauds, corruption, scams, and thefts.   The higher price of bitcoin does not ensure the safety of the online wallet and many have gone bankrupt during this process of doubling their money and assets through the bitcoin game changer.

Bitcoin Trace:

When anything is lost, the first and foremost effort of any human being is to bring it back. To bring back the lost objects is never an easy task and so is the case of the bitcoin trace. The bitcoin trace and bitcoin recovery can be termed as the iceberg as the apparent problem is quite small and the bigger burst of problems is always hiding under the water.

There are many law enforcement, cybercrime, and intelligence agencies that are helping people to recover scammed bitcoins.  A similar kind of help is offered by the CNC intel.

How CNC intel helps people in bitcoin trace?

CNC is helping people in recovering their assets by letting them thrive deeply into the problem. The major problem that occurs while theft is the account holder loses their access to such account. This means that someone logs into their account and changes the password while occupying the whole account and asset. In the bitcoin market, more than one hundred billion are lost during thefts and online scams by different people.

The good news from The CNC Intel for account holders is that not all your assets are gone forever. Some are still recoverable as CNC intel is offering its help and professional support in lost bitcoin trace and scammed bitcoin recovery. According to the China Analysis reports of 2017, the estimate of lost bitcoins is between 2.78 to 3.79 million. This means that out of 21 million fully mined tokens, 19 million are circulating today, and the rest amount is gone forever. It can also be termed as the twenty percent of today’s supply is lost forever. CNC offers its professional help in recovering scammed bitcoins as well as in bitcoin trace for the people who have lost access to their accounts.

Bitcoin recovery is possible:

Although, the Bitcoin ledger which is also known as the blockchain, offers security to the account holders by refraining the unwanted account access but; the hackers and scammers can in from any side the major defect of this system is that transactions done through the Bitcoin are irrevocable.

Once anyone has your bitcoins it is like a permanent theft as it is the scammers or hackers property now and they can keep it as long as you do not seek professional help for bitcoin recovery. It is a similar thing to you have thrown away a hard drive full of bitcoins and it is anyone’s property.

 CNC  intelligence is offering its help and professional services in retrieving scammed bitcoins for many years. They use the open-end resources and other professional tactics for Bitcoin recovery and Bitcoin trace. They have successfully retrieved and have gained a popular name in scammed bitcoin recovery. Cutting this discussion short with the help of CNC intelligence you will be able to retrieve the transactional as well as present amount through the Bitcoin but not the one present in the hard drive and is thrown away.

Helping People in Opening Locked Digital Wallets:

Almost all sorts of cryptocurrencies, let it be Bitcoin, Ethereum dogecoin, or any other cryptocurrency present in the locked as well as trapped digital wallets are also recoverable. Our professionals at CNC intelligence have recovered millions and have a long list of happy customers who are able to retrieve their assets of Bitcoin.

It is mandatory to explain here that All the above mention discussion does not mean that Bitcoin is necessarily about the failure and disadvantage. The advantage of Bitcoin is also beyond imagination. The single success story of Bitcoin is when someone had purchased the bitcoins earlier in it’s introduction era and then forget about it. when he opened up his digital wallets later,  each Bitcoin was worth millions and trillions.  The only thing that should be kept in mind while investing in the Bitcoin market is that you should always seek professional help beforehand. You should seek all the precautionary measures before investing so that there would be a minimal chance of getting scammed. Another thing that should be kept in mind is that scammers can attack in any direction CNC intelligence has seen many scammers advertising themselves as offering Bitcoin tracing and crypto recovery services. Before seeking any help for scammed bitcoin recovery, you should always pay attention to certain things that are regarded as a red flag.


  1. The first and most important thing is that the authorized companies never charge a before providing services. They always charge the fee after completing their tasks
  2. The second thing you should keep in mind before seeking help is that the scammers do not offer the physical address of their company or institution and, even if they do it would be out of the country.
  3. The company would not have a phone number and you would be asked to seek help through chatting apps.
  4. Along with that, they would ask for the bank details so that after retrieving, the money could be transferred directly into your bank account.
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  1. taylor

    my advice to new bitcoin investors is for you to do thorough investigations before investing your funds with any of these traders. They first gain your trust by making a small profit, and then block your money for no apparent reason when you invest a large amount. I was just barely lucky enough to get 70 percent of my funds back, thanks to a Recovery Pro who i found on quora. You can reach out to them via spynerdy at gmail com if you’re ever caught in a similar situation.

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