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01 September 2022

"Don't be impatient," said Wu Heng impatiently. "Don't be impatient. Can you open your mouth when I've finished?" Then, without waiting for an answer from the "remnant of Liaodong", he asked the "old man at the bottom of the sea", "How long has Mr. Ou been gone?" "The voice is cold and flat, which makes people feel like they have dropped a piece of ice on their neck in the cold winter." The "old man at the bottom of the sea" counted on his fingers and exclaimed, "It's almost two hours." Wu Heng asked again, "How long will your medicine work?" "Liaodong Remnant Heart Guest" was robbed of white by him just now. He couldn't help being angry and said coldly, "Wu Heng, people are afraid of you. I, Musen, am not ambiguous about your art. You'd better speak with a sense of propriety. "Iceberg Yin is strange" ignore, ask closely: "Undersea old man": "How long did your that drug effect just do? "An hour." "An hour!" "Well!" As soon as Wu Heng was stunned, he was surprised and delighted. What surprised him was that his master was already on the run in the barren mountain. What delighted him was that since his master was dead, wouldn't he give me back my free body? "Do you want to die or live?" He suddenly asked the "old man at the bottom of the sea" in a harsh voice. The "old man under the sea" sighed faintly. At this time, he felt very sad in his heart. He had been in Jianghu for half of his life. When had he ever been manipulated by others like this? His life was very important. He whispered, "Even the ants are greedy for life.." "Good," said Wu Heng flatly. The "old man at the bottom of the sea" felt a chill in the hall when he fanned his hands. Wu Heng sneered, "You have been poisoned by the old man's cold. You won't have an attack for a while. When the time comes, the old man will give you the antidote, but you must listen to me. All right, go! "Old Wu,x52 line pipe," said Musen angrily, "I'd like to learn from you. I'd like to see why you're so crazy." Wu Heng said in a cold voice, "Don't do that to me, Musen. Let's go after Mr. Ou quickly." With a shout of "go", the three figures rose and shot straight into the Buerhan Buda Mountains. The three of them did not press the watch, and Wu Kai galloped all the way over the mountains, across the river and across the cliff. On the afternoon of the second day, when he arrived at the foot of Mazong Mountain, he was exhausted and weak. However,uns s32760 plate, his heart was beating violently at this time. He prayed to God more than once: "Don't let her have any accident!" " Finally, across the road, over the woods, the big stone blocking the entrance of the cave was in sight. He suddenly stopped and murmured, "Oh, my God!"! Don't let anything else happen! An unprecedented tension weighed heavily on his mind. He reached out and touched the "ten-thousand-year cold wheatgrass" in his pocket, sighed, and walked step by step to the big stone. Every step he took, his heart doubled and his pace slowed. Suddenly he was stunned. The boulder had been moved to reveal a gap a foot wide. Wu Kai cried out, "Xi Ling!" The man has gone through the hole like a gust of wind. There is the shadow of Xi Ling in the cave. He came late. Oh, my God! With a loud cry, Wu Kai covered his face with his hands and slowly bent down. Tears, oozing from the fingers, sprinkled on the ground. It's all over. From then on, the potency of "Enchanted Happy Powder" will stay in Xi Ling's bone marrow and heart forever, x60 line pipe ,uns c70600, and will never be removed. Wu Kai turned over on the ground and gradually cried out. His heart was full of anger. Another, another one of his loved ones met with a tragic fate. Finally Wu Kai burst into tears and his body began to tremble. The resentment in his heart grew heavier and heavier. "Kill, kill, kill, kill..." came faintly from the cry. Apart from disappointment, it is grief and indignation. In addition to anger, it is hatred. In addition to kill, or kill, kill! Kill! There was a murderous look in his heart. Finally, he fell asleep with tears in his eyes because he could not bear the physical fatigue and the spiritual blow. Wake up, except for the sound of grass and insects, there is silence all around. His reason is also more sober. Sitting on the ground, thinking like a tide.. Father's life and death is uncertain, mother's whereabouts are unknown, but he is infected with a bloody hand and an endless debt of love! Xi Ling, in the body of prostitution, I do not know where she is now? Last time, in the forest, I saw a man surnamed Chen of the Kunlun Sect who had insulted his father. Could it be that the people of the Kunlun Sect knew very much about their father? And I heard him scold his father with my own ears, so let it go? No, I must ask them why they scold Dad, if they can say the reason, from this reason, I can find something about Dad's disappearance. If they can't say, hum! Hum! Don't blame me. Ou Wukai is ruthless. Thinking of this, he suddenly stood up and walked slowly out of the cave. It was the middle of the night, the moon was in the sky, the plain light was everywhere, what a beautiful night. Wu Kai raised his head and let out a long roar, piercing the silence of the summer night. Immediately after, the feet a meal, the red shadow flash, like an arrow, shot into the silvery moonlight. Two days later, at the foot of the Kunlun Mountains came a young man dressed in a long black gown like fog, with a strange long sword hanging from his waist. His face was handsome, his eyes were like bright stars, his eyebrows were like lacquer, and his cheeks were red. The most striking thing was the three orbs hanging on his body and hat, and the blood-colored ring on the ring finger of his left hand. He walked to the foot of the Kunlun Mountain and looked at the towering peaks stretching for thousands of miles. His face suddenly showed a murderous look. He raised his eyebrows slightly and said, "What a magnificent mountain! It really deserves to be the birthplace of martial arts, one of the nine decent schools." As he spoke, he ascended the stone steps up the hill. Not long after climbing the mountain, the House of Commons of "One yuan View" was in sight. Looking up, I saw that the house was more magnificent than the golden wall, and the big gold character "One yuan Guan" was written on the big plaque of Guanmen. It looked really magnificent, self-respecting and arrogant. Wu Kai stood in the middle of the main road up the mountain with his hands behind his back. Looking up, he could not help turning the corners of his mouth slightly, showing his disdain. "What a monistic view," he said coldly. "Hey!" Remembering "Yixuanzi" of the "Kunlun Sanzi" and the man called "Chen",x52 line pipe, he could not help sneering, raised his feet, and walked slowly to the gate. lksteelpipe.com

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