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01 September 2022

Ye Fan rolled up his sleeves and put away a lot of sources but left a small part of them and walked out with Li Heishui Today's harvest is very big thirty thousand catties of source if according to the speed a month on the road Ye Fan asked Li Heishui which auction house in Shencheng has the best reputation There are seven auction houses in the city and I think the Treasure Palace of the Demon Palace is good At this point Li Heishui pointed to the sky and said "Here it's in the sky of this area" It was a magnificent tower of heaven magnificent and towering and it was the treasure tower of the Heavenly Demon Palace What do Business Services you want to shoot Li Heishui couldn't help asking I want to auction half of the fruit but I must be anonymous and not let others know "What fruit Don't tell me It's the same as the pink fruit that was scraped" Li Heishui and some Ye Fan took out a jade box After opening it there was half a broken fruit inside The faint fragrance floated out and you could clearly see some teeth marks on it Why do I feel that it is really similar to the fruit just now "Li Heishui was surprised and looked puzzled" Why are there some dog teeth marks "He asked "Just that kind of fruit was bitten by a dog!" This is the pink fruit that was bitten by the Black Emperor which was collected by Ye Fan afterwards and not discarded because he thought it might be of great use Li Heishui nearly vomited blood when he passed by tomorrow night He cried "This prodigal dog has bitten off two hundred thousand catties in one bite It really should be skinned alive to eat meat!" Ye Fan is also very depressed by the greedy big dog to bite off so many sources anyone is very speechless The potency of the medicine has passed away and now like this it can be auctioned for twenty or thirty thousand catties at most He thought for a moment and said "Now is not a good time for an auction After the Holy Land has suffered heavy casualties in the attack on Purple Mountain we can sell it" No wait until some Lord is about to die before you go to auction I X are you damaged ! Take the fruit that the dog has eaten To auction off a holy Lord to eat Li Heishui was dumbfounded What's wrong with that I'm saving their lives Not only do they have to give me the money they have to thank me Ye Fan's eyes narrowed and he laughed Xiaoye there is a future! "Li Heishui patted him on the shoulder and then laughed" I'm waiting for that moment think about that scene it makes people happy " On the ancient streets of Shencheng pedestrians are constantly coming and going and the Heavenly Palace is on both sides This s · 1 two people are not to go to the Holy Land Stone Square because there is a lot of money very amazing This is not to say that the source of less can not go in but Ye Fan's plan is very big he wants to go to the Holy Land to bet on "rare treasures" and "strange sources" and does not want to leave a name there too early because of the initial accumulation In the following days Ye Fan has been haunting the smaller Shifang carrying out the so-called "primitive accumulation" However these so-called small gambling stone squares are also palaces China Factory which are many times larger than the largest stone squares in other oases For eight days in a row Ye Fan went out early and returned late almost growing in many small stone squares in the southeast corner of Shencheng For eight days he kept selling bought back the source stone and cut it by himself and harvested ten thousand gold catties Li Heishui's chin almost fell off It was so amazing for him that he was so envious that his saliva flowed out For other monks this is a huge wealth enough to squander a lifetime is not likely to use so much However for Ye Fan this is a fraction far from enough and there is a long way to go He frowned Even though the speed was amazing it would take more than two years to get the source together And in this process nothing can be done we must put all our energy into gambling stones It seems that we really need to go to Shigu the name of the Holy Land to gamble on'rare treasures' and'exotic sources & # 039; 。” The Tianzi Stone Garden in the Holy Land is very special You can't buy stones and cut them yourself You can only cut stones there because the people in the Holy Land want to observe and sum up their experience This is a rigid rule also do not know is from that time some people speculate that the source of Tianshi let the Holy Land suffer enough was gambled green face they summed up the source for this In fact over the years the source art of the Holy Land has indeed improved a lot and most people with profound knowledge of the source art can not compare with it Over the past few months Ye Fan has imprinted the source of the Heavenly Book in every inch of his flesh and blood Even when he entered the Holy City and was busy gambling on stones these days he was pondering all the time It can be said that his source art Agriculture has reached an amazing level even if it is a stone with a divine source it can almost be seen From today on I'm going to sweep all the holy places! "" You're finally going " "Yes I can't wait!" Ye Fan made a decision On the ninth day Ye Fan and Li Heishui came to Daoyi Holy Land They heard that there were eight madmen here Recently they were very fierce They threatened to take away the saint of Daoyi Holy Land They wanted to fish in troubled waters In the past Ye Fan was deeply impressed by the young Taoist priest in the Holy Land of Taoism who purified thousands of Yin people and Yin horses with the sound of Tianweng He wanted to see who was holy and dared to be so unscrupulous that he was not afraid of the Holy Land at all It would be a good idea if he could unite and let people go to other holy places to stir up trouble Taoist temple is a holy place surrounded by towering ancient trees sprinkling a large area of shade Taoist temple is very quiet in the luxurious city of God there is a taste of returning to nature In the world of mortals it seems to be a piece of pure land with ancient trees and Taoist temples shining with pale golden brilliance in the sunshine which is sacred and incomparable This Taoist temple covers a wide area hidden in the vegetation just came near Ye Fan saw two acquaintances it is the prince of Daxia and the little nun in white Next to them there are some people accompanying them who seem to have great status and are not ordinary annual ring people This time is the prince going to gamble with the Golden Chixiao Stone of the Golden Family or with the Young Lord of the Heavenly Demon Palace Someone asked Don't worry about that Let's take a look at the eight geeks I've heard about them for a long time but I haven't seen them yet The prince of Daxia replied that his black hair was like a waterfall his eyes were like torches and he walked like a dragon and a tiger trade-global.com

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