Finding a Precision Machined Components Supplier

Finding a Precision Machined Components Supplier
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27 September 2023

Precision-machined parts are essential in many industries, from super fancy surgical instruments to components for jet engines. Finding a manufacturing partner who can deliver both quality and speed can be challenging.

Precision machining is an efficient manufacturing process that helps businesses reduce waste and errors while cutting energy and labour costs.

AS Precision Parts

Every product we use relies on parts that fit precisely. Unfortunately, creating those parts requires special metal fabrication methods to guarantee quality, accuracy, and consistency of manufacture. Automated precision machining offers increased quality control with decreased defects that need replacement or repair in fabricated parts - translating to cost savings over time.

Precision machining is an industry-leading method of creating metal components for complex products using computer-controlled machines that cut pieces of raw material to exact specifications, producing consistent results every time. Plus, this process is faster than manual methods - saving both time and money! Precision machining can be found across numerous industries, from aerospace to consumer electronics.

Contrary to conventional cutting methods such as hammers and blades, precision machining does not generate excess or waste material due to being a subtractive process - meaning only necessary material is removed in order to produce finished parts. This helps reduce human errors as well as maximize raw materials use, and increase efficiency during production.

Precision machining offers another benefit that makes it attractive in high-volume production runs: its ability to produce complex components quickly. This advantage can save significant costs associated with errors and downtime; plus, its automated procedure eliminates the need to rework or repair parts, saving money while increasing productivity.

Precision machining markets can be highly competitive, with established players often holding onto most of the market share. New entrants may gain ground by offering innovative products and services at competitive prices to establish themselves in this sector. They should take note of customer needs when creating designs or production methods while remaining cost-effective for customers.

The precision machining market is growing quickly as demand for high-quality products skyrockets, driven by manufacturers' desire to provide safe and reliable products that satisfy environmental standards as well. Technological innovations are expected to propel further expansion within this field.


Trace-A-Matic is a precision CNC machinist and assembly manufacturer serving aerospace, defence and military, food processing, foundry, heavy equipment, marine, medical equipment, mining, oil & gas power generation transportation markets, as well as general industrial markets. Their state-of-the-art facilities utilize cutting-edge CNC manufacturing technologies to craft complex yet intricate components meeting or exceeding critical tolerances ranging in weight from one pound to 15,000 pounds; they produce castings weldments forgings tubing bar stock or tubular stock products from castings weldments weldments weldments forgings tubing bar stock or tubular stock products which range in weight between one pound to 15,000 pounds!

The company provides an exceptional benefits package to employees, such as paid lunch breaks (2nd shift machinists), two 10-minute breaks each workday, safety shoe/glasses allowance, weekly pay, potential performance merit raises, and potential merit raises for performance merit increases. Employees also enjoy one free week of vacation plus paid holidays as well as health, dental and vision insurance as well as life and disability coverage.

Prosource Trace-A-Matic is committed to equal employment opportunity and values diversity in its workplace, not discriminating on any basis such as race, age, religion, sex, national origin, disability status, genetic information protected veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression or sexuality or expression. Employees are actively encouraged to contribute ideas that will assist the company in meeting its business goals.

Reviews posted to CareerBliss indicate that employees at Trace A Matic Corp are pleased with its company culture, growth opportunities and people they work with, as well as with their salaries; average yearly pay is estimated to be $135,000. Trace A Matic Corp pays above the national average for this job type.

Trace-A-Matic is a multifaceted manufacturer with headquarters in Brookfield, Wisconsin and operations in Houston, Texas. Employs over 200 people and operates 140+ precision machining centres at its climate-controlled AS9100D/ ISO 9001:2015 certified facilities in Brookfield and Houston, respectively. Services provided by Trace-A-Matic include CAD modelling/engineering, laser cutting/metal forming/welding processes, as well as value-added assembly/ value-added assembly processes, as well as other speciality processes; contract manufacturer services are also provided.

Miller CNC

Miller CNC's focus on high-precision CNC machined parts for various industries - aerospace and medical - such as aerospace allows them to meet the commitment to quality and customer service with every component and assembly they produce. They use advanced technology and the Doosan TT1800 SY as tools, while their expert operators create exact components using this process - all part of their commitment to quality and customer service.

Machining is a complex process that begins with hand-drawn sketches created by engineers using computer-aided design (CAD) software, then turned into 3D diagrams by engineers using computer numerical control (CNC) machines. Machinists then input these drawings into CNC machines, which automate metal cutting in the production of final products - CNC machining allows less room for error. It requires greater precision, making it ideal for complex components with intricate designs.

To achieve an increased level of precision, machines use various cutting tools to remove excess material from workpieces. This may involve conventional or rotary tools being combined for optimal results. After completion, a part is inspected for accuracy and precision before going through additional operations to prepare it for assembly and finishing by an experienced machinist.

These operations may include heat treatment to increase the hardness, strength and durability of components; non-destructive testing to inspect for defects or discontinuities; and Mig or Tig welding as a final step to ensure integrity and prevent corrosion.

No matter the scope or scale of the project, Miller CNC's team has an answer for every need. Specializing in CNC machining of hard metals and exotic alloys, their engineers boast extensive knowledge in 5-axis milling, CNC Swiss turning, and assembly, as well as 5-axis milling. In addition, Miller CNC offers design engineering fabrication solutions as part of their services to complete custom manufacturing solutions.

Selecting an effective miller machinist is often challenging in smaller companies. Although machines now perform much of the machining work, human skill remains necessary for handling and making adjustments on machines. A machine operator must be capable of reading technical drawings and comprehending all values reported there, as well as possessing excellent manual skills and working accurately.

Darian Global Sourcing

Darian Global Sourcing is a quick-turn manufacturer offering CNC machining, 3D printing and injection moulding services to product development teams. Their services help product teams reduce design risk while speeding time to market and cutting production costs; using industrial grade 3D printing and CNC machining technologies, they produce prototypes and low-volume production parts as well as providing secondary services tailored specifically towards meeting customer project needs.

Maple Plain-based company Protomold Inc. provides primary manufacturing services such as CNC machining and plastic injection moulding using its Firstcut service and Protomold service for plastic injection moulding, respectively. In addition, secondary services include surface finishing and anodizing. Furthermore, Direct Metal Laser Sintering technology enables designers to create complex geometries that cannot be produced through traditional production methods.

They specialize in anodized aluminium and nickel finishes to improve corrosion resistance while creating an appealing, clean, and long-term surface finish. Furthermore, anodizing can lower heat generation from devices used for medical or electronics purposes by adding inserts, threaded holes or other features; also, an anti-reflective coating may reduce glare or reflections.

They provide additional services, including CAD design, tooling and prototyping, assembly and more, to assist their customers with timely project completion. Their team of experts are committed to helping customers succeed while exceeding expectations; fast turnaround and high-quality products at affordable prices make their offer truly unbeatable.

Precision Machined Components have become one of the premier suppliers in their industry. Customers include Amazon, Cambria, C.H. Robinson and Field Nation, with them coming to a comprehensive benefits package and competitive salary.

Darian Global Sourcing boasts an exceptional culture, and employees are extremely satisfied with their working environment. In fact, it ranks in the top 30% of workplaces on Comparably. Employees report being most satisfied with environment, manager and eNPS categories while they also appreciate that Darian Global Sourcing promotes diversity and inclusion.

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