Guide To Acing CompTIA A+ Exam.

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09 January 2023

For those just starting out in IT, passing the CompTIA A+ exam is a must. Candidates will learn the fundamentals of computer systems, including hardware, software, operating systems, the cloud, cybersecurity, and supporting networks. This CompTIA test is ideal for those just starting out in the IT industry (or for those who want to review the fundamentals). But the question of how to pass the CompTIA A+ certificate arises.

Individuals whose only life experiences consist of binge-watching on Netflix or playing computer games online may find the exam challenging. However, if you're familiar with putting together desktop PCs and setting up basic networks at home or in the workplace, you might find the A+ exam to be a piece of cake. Either way, you can find assistance on how To Network or lab101.

To make the most of your newly acquired A+ knowledge, there are a few other considerations you should give some thought to in addition to your exam day preparation.

Functioning of the CompTIA A+ Certification

The CompTIA A+ is now a part of the CompTIA Core Certifications family as of January 2019. Both of the following tests must be passed in order to earn this credential:

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In addition to networking and hardware, Core 1 (220-1001) also covers virtualization and cloud computing, mobile devices, and hardware and network troubleshooting.

Information security, standard operating procedures, software maintenance, and operating systems are all covered in Core 2 (220-1002).

Each of these tests can have up to 90 questions and lasts for 90 minutes. The possible range of the score is from 100 to 900. For Core 1, you need a score of 675 to pass, while for Core 2, you'll need a score of 700 or higher.

There's no time limit between Core 1 and Core 2, and it doesn't matter which one you take first. It's not which one you pass first, but that you pass both before the series is retired.

Particularly, CompTIA periodically reorganizes its exam series to keep up with all innovations in IT. Considering that each cycle lasts around three years, the current 1001 and 1002 tests will likely be retired sometime around 2022. If you only manage to ace one test before the cycle ends, you'll have to take it again the following time around.

  • Test-like inquiry format

Core 1 and 2 questions fall into two categories: multiple-choice and performance-based. Discovering what these are and where to look for answers is crucial.

MCQs: Questions With Several Possible Answers

Students taking a multiple-choice test might get lost in the shuffle. These can be answered in a variety of ways, but only one (or at most a few) of them are right. When you come across questions like these, read them carefully and do so at least once more to make sure you understand them. They frequently use phrases like "which option is the BEST" and "which option should you do FIRST" when asking a candidate to make a decision.

The difference between a correct and incorrect answer could be as simple as remembering the words "first," "least," "best," and "most." The incorrect response to one question could be the right one for another.

  • Challenges Based on Past Performances

A question about demonstrated competence is not a multiple-choice one. Depending on the instructor's preference, the question type may be a drag-and-drop, a simulation, or a fill-in-the-blank. The point of these "performance-based" questions is to put your theoretical knowledge to use in a simulated practical setting.

What's most vital at this time is that you do not freak out. You shouldn't lose your composure if you're asked a performance-based question, despite the fact that it may be difficult. Some test-takers save these questions for last, when they've already answered everything else. If a question is too challenging, move on to the next one.

  • Discourses on the Beta Test

You may get one or two beta questions right at the start of the exam. CompTIA is using these questions as a sort of trial run. You can usually tell them apart from the rest of the exam questions because they cover material that isn't already on the exam.

There is no need to worry if your beta answers are wrong. These questions will not be counted toward your final grade.

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