How is obesity measured using an Overweight calculator

How is obesity measured using an Overweight calculator
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The overweight calculator has an inbuilt BMI algorithm, a prominent tool for measuring obesity (BMI). When your BMI index is higher than 30, then it is obesity, but it is further divided into three classes:

class I refers to BMIs of 30 to less than 35,

class II to less than 40

class III to 40 or higher.

Does this overweight calculator consider genetics?

Obesity has a genetic component, but this is just one of many risk factors. Despite the fact that some genes can influence a person's propensity to obesity, lifestyle decisions still have a significant impact on obesity. They can help mitigate hereditary risk factors, but this overweight calculator does not consider genetics.

Can this overweight calculator be used among kids?

Yes, this overweight calculator can be used among kids as it's crucial to instill a balanced diet and exercise routine in young children. Obesity in childhood and obesity in later life are related. An obese child is more likely to remain that way as an adult.

Can we reduce weight with this overweight calculator?

Yes, this calculator helps you maintain and track your weight. A good diet and proper exercise can reduce overweight. However, it's important to speak with a medical professional if you've made major lifestyle changes and are still gaining weight or finding it hard to shed, as there might be some underlying medical problem associated with reducing weight. 

This Overweight calculator takes the user's age, gender, height, and weight but doesn't include other factors like illness or genetics. So it gives an accurate measurement for common users rather than those who have muscle mass and tend to have high muscle, which the overweight calculator considers fat.

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