How Keanu Reeves reacted to having a bacterium named after him

How Keanu Reeves reacted to having a bacterium named after him
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A witty surprise for Keanu Reeves was prepared by scientists from the Leibniz Institute for Natural Food Research and Infection Biology in Germany. The object of their research is the fight against fungi that are dangerous to human health. German experts have long been working on a bacterium capable of effectively eliminating the gray rot. And when the research was successful, the Germans thought of nothing better than to name their creation after a popular artist!

Original surprise for Keanu Reeves

The crux of the problem. Almost every vegetable grower has encountered gray rot. People who live in private homes, too, periodically have to deal with the elimination of a colony of fungus unnoticed that has grown somewhere in the basement. This infection is extremely harmful and very dangerous for us as well as for our plants and pets.

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German experts have approached the issue of eliminating grey rot wisely. Instead of "silencing" the problem with poisons, scientists decided to breed a microorganism that can hunt the harmful fungus. And they succeeded in the end! The results of laboratory studies showed that a fungicide bacterium developed by the Germans was able to deal with sulfur rot.

The question of the name

The experts did not think long about the name of their product. You see, there were enough Keanu Reeves fans on the research team. And after all, almost every one of the characters the actor ever embodied on the set, perfectly capable of destroying absolutely any enemies.

As it happens, both the rebellious Neo from "The Matrix" and the sullen John Wick from the movie of the same name, and even the sarcastic exorcist John Constantine specialized in the most effective neutralization of enemies. So the Germans decided not to overcomplicate the situation. The scientists' discovery was called "Kianumicin"!

A joke that got out of hand

If you remember, Keanu Reeves is respected not only for his modesty and honesty, but also for his absolute immunity to "star disease." The actor communicates with fans as equals, and they respond to him with sincere love and devotion. Of course, the joke with kianumicine could not pass by Reeves' fans. People were quick to tell the actor about the discovery of German scientists!

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Some pompous Hollywood celestial would have raised a huge scandal in Reeves' shoes. Keanu only applauded the ingenuity of his German fans. The surprise for Keanu Reeves was a success: the actor told the experts that he was touched by their loyalty and appreciated the dedication.

The actor had only one half-joking remark about the Germans' invention. "I think it should have been called John Wick," Reeves wrote to fans. "And in general, it turned out very cool and pretty surreal for me. Thank you for your discovery, people of science! And thank you for helping us mere mortals." Yes, not for nothing do fans admire Keanu's modesty!

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